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Warlords of Draenor marks the start of an all new chapter for one of the longest running and most successful MMO's ever made. Strap on your battle worn armor, grab your trusty axe, and prepare to head into battle once again!

Revamped character models: All the classic Warcraft races get a complete makeover. You won't have to buy WoW gold for this either, Blizzard is upgrading all the classic models with refined textures, hairdos, beards and more.

Instant level 90 character boost: Warlords of Draenor will allow players to immediately boost a single character straight to level 90. You'll still want to stock up and buy wow gold to get the best items and armor though!

Build your garrison: You'll need cheap wow gold to build a mighty garrison of your own. Add farms, stables, an armory, workshops and unlock all new quests. Recruit your own followers to helm stations in your garrison, and send them on missions to loot dungeons and craft items.

The savage land of Draenor: Explore an entire new continent filled with forests, magma, stone and metal. New zones like Gorgrond, Frostfire Ridge, Talador, Shadowmoon Valley and more await.

Buy WoW gold and gear up; there won’t be a shortage of enemies in the assault on Draenor. Prepare for high adventure armed with mountains of gold from EpicToon!
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FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, has seen a slew of updates that players have been asking for since its inception. As FIFA's most played game mode, Ultimate Team allows players to create a team using any combination of footballers in the game for use in expanded seasons either online or offline.

FIFA 14 has added 40 legendary players to the pool, including Pelé, for an enhanced roster! Gamers can buy cheap FIFA Coins at to make sure they have the Ultimate Team.

Being able to play a single match against any ultimate team online outside of a season has been an oft requested feature by fans of FIFA, and this year, FIFA 14 delivers. Along with opening up FUT's capabilities with legendary players and expanded play options, Ultimate Team boasts a new, deep and rewarding chemistry system. FUT Chemistry Styles allows for greater customization of your team by assigning specific attributes to players. For example, assigning the Sniper chemistry style to your strikers improves their dribbling and shooting attributes, and you can buy FIFA Ultimate Team coins to ensure you always have the best strikers.

With more customization options and a rich chemistry style system, Ultimate Teams have never been more personalized and unique than in FIFA '14.

Over 16,000 players compete for over 600 clubs in 33 licensed leagues this year, along with 60 stadiums that include 32 real-world venues. As always, those who have mastered the game can compete in EA Sports Arena competitions worldwide for cash prizes. Buy FIFA coins from EpicToon and build the most Ultimate Team today!
Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold

The critically-acclaimed, best-selling Guild Wars 2 is everything MMO players want, and more. Mixing traditional MMO elements with non-traditional innovations, the new game features evolving storylines, dynamic events, stunning art and high-action combat.

Guild Wars 2 takes place in the magical world of Tyria, 250 years after the events of the first Guild Wars. Buy GW2 gold and help restore Tyria to its former glory. To start your journey, you must first create a character. Mix and match the five classes (asura, sylvari, human, charr, norn) and eight professions (mesmer, warrior, guardian, necromancer, ranger, elementalist, thief, engineer) to create an amalgam of class-specific abilities and enhanced talents.

In Guild Wars 2, every choice you make affects the evolution of your storyline. To create a fully-realized character, you must select details that will determine your avatar’s personality. For example, a norn chooses which Spirit of the Wild to follow, an asura picks which college to join, a sylvari chooses a time of day to awaken. Each choice will have profound and lasting effects on your character.

To achieve in-game success, it is best to purchase highest-level Mystic items and top-tier armor. Use GW2 gold to purchase blueprints and build siege weapons such as catapaults, trebuchets, or even an Alpha Siege Golem. Visit nearby merchants to get trinkets, food, magic spells and artifacts. Don’t waste your in-game time grinding for gold: get cheap GW2 gold from EpicToon.
Buy SWTOR Credits

Since adding a free-to-play option, Star Wars: the Old Republic has become far more accessible to gamers everywhere! Set more than 3,000 years before the Star Wars movies, SWTOR boasts meticulously-plotted storylines and fully-voiced dialogue for a one-of-a-kind MMO experience. Play SWTOR and immerse yourself in the awesome Star Wars universe. New expansions such as Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Galactic Starfighter continue to add value and brand new gameplay options.

Begin your interstellar adventures today—pledge allegiance to the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic, and create a character from one of eight character classes. Do you want to be a Jedi Knight, a Smuggler, a Sith Warrior, or a Bounty Hunter? Will you align yourself with the dark side of the Force, or will you use your powers only for good? Every choice you make enriches your own personal storyline.

In SWTOR you’ll get to pilot your own starship and zoom through the galaxy to complete challenging quests, heroic space missions and action-packed operations. Five game updates have been released, each one adding more content to the expanding SWTOR universe. Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated brought with it the Cartel Market, Nightmare Mode in Operation: Explosive Conflict, and the highly-anticipated assassin droid companion, HK-51.

Get powerful gear like blasters and lightsabers from vendors or other players via the Galactic Trade Network. Skip the grind and buy cheap SWTOR credits from, one of the safest and most reliable virtual currency sources in the world.

Completely rebuilt from the ground up to widespread critical and player acclaim, Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn has earned the right to take its place alongside other great entries in the franchies. Whether you choose to be an Arcanis, Schilar or Summoner, you'll still need FFXIV gil to get the most out of the game though.

Explore the vast, untamed lands of Eorzea's farthest reaches. Learn new skills, defeat ancient enemies and earn gil in your pursuit to become a storied adventurer.

Want to skip the grind? Buy safe, cheap FFXIV gil from EpicToon today!
Buy Cheap RIFT Platinum

The critically-lauded RIFT is a fantasy adventure like no other, boasting a combination of fantastic graphics, unique lore and dynamic world events. With an expansion, Storm Legion, RIFT has raised level cap from 50 to 60, expanded the game world with two new continents and added four new souls, seven dungeons, three raids and more.

The game takes its name from magical, destructive rifts that are appearing in the world of Telara. Each rift is a doorway of sorts that allows invaders to breach the protective shield and wreak havoc on Telara.

To level up faster, buy safe RIFT platinum from Skip mundane tasks and buy crafting materials essential for professions such as Weaponsmithing, Artificing or Armorsmithing.
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I have bought gold from a couple places before, and it always worried me if I would not get it. Epictoon has always come through for me. Each and every time I order, they have kept up to the pace and gotten me my money within 48 hours! Even with a new patch update! These guys are on there toes working for you! Yes others have come through for me, but nobody has beaten EpicToons speed, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Just incredible, keep up the good work guys and gals!

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This is my third time using this service, and EVERY time it has been a wonderful experience. I have tried too many other suppliers to count, and be very disappointed with them all. I've never had to wait days and/or weeks for deliver or only received a partial order. Every order was complete and at the most only took a couple hours to receive. They have won my loyalty, and I will never go anywhere else again.

By Reba K. from Utah
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