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RIFT is the newest massively multiplayer online (MMO) game from Trion Worlds set in the fantasy world of Telara.

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Located in the nexus of elemental planes, Telara is being invaded by supernatural forces and it’s up to you as an Ascended hero to defend the world from complete destruction. You can join one of two warring factions—the zealous Guardians or the techno-magical Defiants—and choose between six distinct races.

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Launched it 2011, Rift continues to find favor among MMO fans due to its unique, unpredictable and engaging gameplay. Across the land of Telara, areas of elemental instability, called Rifts are ripped open by monsters from another plane of existence who engage players in fierce battle. Players must defeat these monsters and seal the Rifts (which come in different types, including Death Rifts, Life Rifts, Water Rifts, Earth Rifts, Fire Rifts, and Air Rifts) to preserve the world.

Rift allows for extremely deep avatar customization, with players able to change their physical appearance, dye armor and items, and equip clothing such as boots, shoulders, chest pieces and many more vanity items that players receive when they complete quests. A pocket full of Rift Gold will go a long way.

Rift Expansion Packs:

Rift: Storm Legion

Important Info
In-Game Currency: Rift Gold
Type of MMO: Free-to-Play
Rift Factions and Races: the Guardians, and the Defiant
Rift Classes: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue and Mage

RIFT is the newest massively multiplayer online (MMO) game from Trion Worlds set in the fantasy world of Telara.