Virtual Currency Site Takes Stand Against In-Game Spam
Gaming Resource Calls on Gamers to Save Aion from Spam

Over the course of several years, in-game gold spammers have flocked to many online multiplayer games causing problems for players, game publishers and legitimate service providers alike. Games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI and Warhammer Online are plagued by continuous in-game advertising messages in the form of in-game whispers, mail box messages, and public chats. It spoils the virtual fun for all.

NCSoft’s newest online game, Aion, is the latest victim.   Targeted by spamming companies, its servers are being overrun. Players receive continuous messaging to purchase ‘Aion Kinah,’ the game’s virtual currency, accounts, power leveling services and more. notes that even though the game has only been out in China for a few months, the practice is widespread.

Aion is scheduled to release in North America and Europe on September 25, 2009. is calling out to all game players to band together to help drive these unregulated and uncaring companies out of business. Kevin Ross,’s marketing executive, asks players and consumers to join the initiative by not supporting companies that spam; “It is infuriating to see another prospective quality MMORPG ruined by Chinese based in-game spammers. We are all increasingly frustrated by the amount of trashy advertisements and in-game spamming.  It simply must be stopped. It’s time for consumers to take control by voting with their dollars.  We urge all gamers not to purchase game items, accounts or currency from any site that spams in-game”.

By supporting only proven service providers, consumers can help foster a healthier online multiplayer game environment, free from unwanted disruptions.’s goal is to provide gamers with high quality alternatives.  For detailed information on sites that can be trusted, please visit or log on to


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