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IGE and EpicToon Announce Formal Service Agreement
Apr 14, 2014

EpicToon and IGE®, leading MMORPG game services companies, today announced an historic formal agreement between the two companies. Under the terms of the agreement, effective immediately, all customer orders for videogame virtual currencies will be serviced by EpicToon's world class order fulfillment network while IGE® will focus its activities on market expansion and driving consumer awareness regarding available services and benefits.

EpicToon offers services in all leading MMORPG video games currencies including World of Warcraft (WoW Gold), SWTOR Credits (Star Wars the Old Republic), Everquest 2, FFXI Gil, FFXIV Gil, Guild Wars 2 (GW2 Gold), Aion Kinah, The Elder Scrolls and many more. EpicToon delivery agents operate around the clock, insuring that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible; 24/7/365.

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EpicToon Launches Official Gaming Blog
Sep 08, 2009, one of the web’s most trusted Real Money Trade (RMT) sites, is announcing the launch of its official blog at Not only a virtual currency store, EpicToon is also a growing gaming resource that provides valuable information to the community. Through the blog, connects with gamers and fans with news, commentary and opinions about the gaming and RMT industry.

The new blog features news about anything gaming-related as well as regular updates on the hugely popular World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, the highly anticipated Aion, console games and more. Chris Coker, the official blogger, provides the main voice for the EpicToon blog and delivers his take on the gaming scene, along with a team of EpicToon gamers and bloggers.

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Virtual Currency Site Takes Stand Against In-Game Spam
Sep 07, 2009

EpicToon today condemned the bad practice of in-game spamming that is currently plaguing massively multiplayer online games. As a trusted Real Money Trading (RMT) company, is banding together with players and other leading sites to help put a stop to the problem of “gold spam”.

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