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Kicking the Habit
Jul 09, 2009

Massively multiplayer online games are habit forming. They are designed to pull you in and keep you playing. Unfortunately for some, the games become an all consuming addiction. Here are tips on how to maximize your online gaming fun without crossing the line into irresponsibility, obsession and (for some) addiction.

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Safety in the World of Warcraft
Jul 05, 2009

As the most commercially successful online role playing game in history, World of Warcraft (WoW) has a player base larger than many small countries. Recent announcements put the number of active users at greater than ten million. With that level of player support, it's not surprising that "community" and "socialization" are key aspects of the game. Not surprising either, just like one finds pick pockets and other rogues wherever large numbers of people congregate, the WoW community has seen a number of fraudulent activities and scams emerge. Here is a quick checklist of things which you can do to keep your game account and virtual assets safe.

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