Spending WoW Gold on Expensive Enchantments is Worth It

Aug 2, 2010

To ensure that your World of Warcraft (WoW) toon performs well in raids, dungeons, or even PvP, it's important to spend WoW gold on the right Enchantments for your gear. Having high-level gear and the appropriate gemstones in your gear's slots is not enough; properly Enchanting your gear is a must for your toon to reach its maximum potential.

Each character class in WoW has specific requirements for statistics, like how tanking Druids require a specific amount of Armor points to survive boss encounters and how Hunters require a specific amount of Hit Rating in order to make sure that they actually hit their targets. Going over that specific amount is a waste, especially since there are other important statistics (stats) you have to focus on, like Agility for Hunters. Instead of wasting an equipment slot on something with that has an excessive amount of the required stat, a smart WoW player will pick up an Enchantment to gain the right amount of stat bonuses.

The trouble with Enchantments is that the best ones cost a lot of WoW gold. An "Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats” scroll, for example, costs anywhere between 375 and 400 gold at the Auction House (or even more, depending on your realm's economy). Setting aside gold specifically for Enchantment purchases is ideal, but if you're too short on gold and time, you can buy WoW gold from a safe and reliable site like EpicToon.com instead.

If your toon has Enchanting as a profession, you have an advantage: you can gather Enchanting materials yourself and Enchant your own gear. Aside from that, you can also sell your own Enchantment scrolls at the Auction House. Though this may help you earn and save WoW gold, it will cost you higher amounts of two other things: time and effort. Increasing your proficiency in Enchanting is tedious. Not only does it require you to do a large number of Enchantments – it also requires you to acquire the materials necessary for it. If you simply don't have the time to do all these things yourself, you can make things much easier by purchasing the materials from the Auction House. You'll still have to run around and offer your Enchanting services to other players to get your Enchanting level up, but at least you'll spend more time doing that instead of wasting most of your time farming for materials.

Enchantments are costly, but the stat bonuses they provide are definitely worth it. They help Hunters increase their damage, enable Priests to heal their comrades faster, and allow Death Knight tanks to take a harder beating. Don't be afraid to spend large amounts of WoW gold on your Enchantments – it's money well-spent.

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