Planning Out your World of Warcraft Professions

July 16,2010

In World of Warcraft (WoW), there are eleven different primary professions for you to choose from. Out of these eleven, you can only choose to learn two at a time. This means you have to make decisions and carefully plan your professions out to ensure that you're making the most out of them.

You have to take many things into consideration when planning what to do with your professions. How much time and WoW Gold are you willing to invest in your professions? How many of your toons are able to max out two professions? Are there any professions that you need to level up a bit, but not necessarily max out? What can you accomplish with the resources you have on hand? All these questions need to be answered before you proceed with the rest of your planning.

When picking which professions you want to learn, don't just choose them because they’re popular or you heard that they're good for earning WoW Gold. Enchanting is a popular profession, but it involves having to Enchant other toons’ gear for free (or for small tips) just to increase its level. If you feel that running around the main cities to hawk your services isn’t for you, then you shouldn’t take up Enchanting. Choose a profession that you’re genuinely interested so that you’ll feel more inspired to work on it.

Every market has its highs and lows, so there will be times wherein a profession won’t be as beneficial to you as it was the week before. If the materials you’ve been hoarding at the Auction to help level up your Leatherworking profession suddenly had a price increase, you have to put your Leather crafting to a halt. During this period, you can focus on your other profession instead, or work on one of your alt’s professions. The time and effort you put into leveling multiple professions is part of your investment as a "professional", and you're going to have to make sure that you have enough WoW gold to pay off that investment. This will prove difficult if you have a hard time earning through your main character’s professions, so buying WoW gold is definitely an option for you.  Buying from is the safest and fastest way to acquire WoW gold.

There is a way to make having more characters with more professions easier: make a death knight. Death knights are at level 55 when they start out, so leveling them up to the minimum level for level 450 professions (level 65) will be much easier than leveling a different toon from scratch. Some markets may be unavailable for level 65 characters, given that there are some high level recipes and formulas that only drop from mobs that a level 65 character will never see. Still, death knights make for a quick and easy way to have more professions available to your toons.

Whether you're a long-time "professional" with a sizable amount of WoW gold attached to your name or a newbie just starting out, make sure to spend some time scrutinizing your professions and plans. This helps you be more efficient and will, in the long run, make things simpler and more efficient for you.

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