Getting Your Friend to Join Your World of Warcraft Adventures

June 25,2010

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a game that is best experienced in a group, with many quests and dungeons requiring the aid of one or more companions to complete. Blizzard actively encourages people to make friends in-game, and bring their real-life friends along on their adventures. This is likely the reason why WoW has a “Recruit-a-Friend” program that rewards players for successfully inviting their friends to play the game. These rewards include:

  • The "Summon Friend" ability, which allows both the recruiter and the recruit to summon each other while in a Party together
  • Triple experience points (up to level 60) for both the recruiter and the recruit while partied and within 100 yards of each other
  • Recruited characters gain a "grantable" level for every two levels earned (for up to 30 levels). Recruited characters may then grant these levels to their recruiter's lower-level characters.
  • For each recruit who upgrades to a paid subscription, the recruiter receives 30-days worth of game time.
  • After the recruit pays for at least 60 days of game time, the recruiter receives an exclusive mount that no amount of WoW gold can buy: the X-53 Touring Rocket, which allows two characters to ride it at once.

X-53 Touring Rocket

Rewards aside, having a good friend to accompany you on your quests always makes the whole gaming experience meaningful and fun. But how exactly do you convince a friend to try WoW and stick around after her free trial period ends?

Make sure she's interested.
If your friend is not at all interested in magic, elves, or the fantasy genre in general, don't nag her into playing WoW. If your friend isn't a gamer at all, make sure she's actually open to give games a shot. You have to be sure that WoW is actually something your friend will enjoy, or else you'll just give off the impression that you just want to use her to get the Recruit-a-Friend rewards for yourself.

Convince her that WoW is worth a try.
So your friend is a gamer who's slightly interested in WoW, or a non-gamer who's willing to give gaming a shot. How do you convince her to play? Simple: talk to her about what makes the game fun in the first place, and emphasize aspects of the game that may pique her interests even more. If your friend is highly competitive, tell her about Battlegrounds and other player-versus-player (PvP) aspects of the game. If your friend likes a good story, talk to her about the game's rich history and lore. And, after that, you have to…

…help her as she starts out!
Once you get your friend to create a trial account, don't just leave her hanging. You invited her to this game, so teaching her the ropes is your responsibility. There are a lot of things you can do to help her on her way: give her leveling advice, guide her through the areas/zones, create a new toon that your friend can party with, kill that enemy player who ganked her... do whatever it takes to make your friend's first run through the game exciting and fun. You can even send her WoW gold so she can buy the best gear for her level or that cute little cat pet she spotted in one of the main cities. If you don’t have enough gold, don’t be a scrooge – buy WoW gold from a safe and reliable site like She’ll appreciate the gesture, especially since she’s spending money on game time so she can enjoy the game with you!

Assuming that everything has gone smoothly thus far, it's all just a matter of keeping your friend excited about the game. Just keep playing with her and helping her out until she finds her feet – you'll have a new adventuring partner in no time.

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