Forge Your Own Legendary Items in Lord of the Rings Online

Aug 6,2010

Every hero needs a weapon, but only the mightiest heroes have "named" weapons that are as well-known as their wielders. In Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings, examples of these weapons include "Glamdring", which Gandalf used to slay the Balrog of Morgoth in the film adaptation of The Two Towers, and "Narsil", the sword that Isildur used to sever the One Ring from Sauron’s hand. Luckily for you Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) players out there, the game includes a Legendary Item system, which allows you to forge legendary weapons of your own with just a bit of time, patience, and LotRO gold.

Legendary Items are only available to players who have completed the Volume 2 – Book 1 quest chain. These items are special because they gain levels through the acquisition of experience points (XP) and have beneficial buffs called "Legacies" that provide bonuses to class skills. Examples of Legacies include bonuses to Critical Response Skill damage for Burglars and Triumphant Spirit cooldown reductions for Minstrels. Legendary items also have slots that allow you to socket Relics, which provide additional bonuses.

Legendary items have three levels of quality, depending on how "old" they are. Items from the Third Age are classified as "Rare", items from the Second Age are classified as "Incomparable", and items from the First Age are classified as "Epic".

After completing the Volume 2 – Book 1 quest chain, you can obtain unidentified Legendary Items through killing mobs that are level 51 and opening Lothlorien Reputation Boxes. Additionally, level 51 and above mobs inside Moria have a chance to drop barter items you can trade for unidentified Legendary Items at Dolven View Camp inside Moria or the Docks in Lorien. Weaponsmiths, Metalsmiths, Tailors, Scholars, Woodworkers, and Jewellers can also craft unidentified Second and Third Age Legendary Items using Legendary Shards or Fragments. Extra or unwanted Legendary Items are also sold by players at the Auction House for large amounts of LotRO gold.

Upon acquisition, unidentified Legendary Items need to be taken to a Forge-Master at Khazad-dûm, who can identify the item for a fee (the exact amount of LotRO gold you need to pay depends on the item’s rarity). Once the Legendary Items are identified, you can:

  • Equip/Bind them- Legendary Items can be bound to your character upon equipping them (bound items can no longer be sold or traded). You can only have six Legendary Items bound to you at a time.
  • Deconstruct them – Unwanted Legendary Items can be deconstructed at a Relic Master to obtain relics. Deconstructing an item will sometimes yield a Legendary Shard or Legendary Fragment, which crafters can use to construct new legendary items.
  • Trade or Sell them – As long as a Legendary Item is not bound, you can sell it for LotRO gold at the Auction House, or trade it with another player.

Every 10 item levels gained, Legendary Items need to be brought to a Forge-Master to be reforged for a fee (the cost also depends on the item’s rarity). Failure to reforge a weapon once it reaches the appropriate level will result in the item not being able to earn XP. During the reforges at levels 10, 20, and 30, an item will be granted a new Legacy. At levels 40, 50, and 60, a Legacy can be upgraded.

You can also rename your Legendary Items while reforging. Legendary Item names still need to comply with LotRO’s naming conventions, but spaces and some symbols are allowed. Legendary Item names can be as simple as a single-word name like "Spellweaver", or as complex as "The Longbow of Legolas Greenleaf".

Regardless of the costs in time and LotRO gold, obtaining and upgrading Legendary Items is something that all LotRO players will enjoy. Legendary Items greatly improve the performance of any LotRO character while allowing players to create something unique that distinguishes their characters from everyone else. Take the time to plan out what kind of bonuses you want your Legendary Items to have and save up some LotRO gold for the upgrades and reforging – this way you can make sure that the Legendary Items you have will suit your character’s needs.

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