Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Collecting Companion Pets in World of Warcraft

Aug 5,2010

Many World of Warcraft (WoW) players are collectors. There are those who spend massive amounts of WoW gold to collect mounts, those who spend most of their time raiding to collect epic armor sets, those who take the time to grind reputation quests to collect tabards…and those who choose to collect companion pets. Companion pets (also referred to as "vanity pets" or "non-combat pets") are small creatures that follow your toon around when summoned. They come in all shapes and sizes, including cats, tiny dinosaurs, parrots, and robot chickens. There are currently 158 known unique companion pets (though some of them are no longer available in-game), and there are most likely more to come in Cataclysm.

Companion pets World of Warcraft are also called "vanity" pets because they don't have any other function other than be paraded around for players to admire. Apart from following their masters around, they sometimes do entertaining things when left idle, like scratching themselves or sleeping. They also react to specific in-game items, like the "Fetch Ball" (your pet will chase and return the ball on use). Other pets perform unique actions, like how a Li'l KT pet will sometimes use a freezing spell to kill a nearby critter.
vanity pets

Companion pets are obtained through a variety of means. Most are dropped by mobs or bosses, but some
are sold by vendors for WoW gold or other in-game currency. Some are rewards for completing quests or participating in World Events, while a few are only available through promotions and special events. Blizzard has also started selling some companion pets at the Blizzard Store, like Li'l KT and Pandaren Monk.

Though they don't help in combat or boost a toon's stats, companion pets are popular among WoW players for various reasons. To some, certain companion pets are status symbols that show off their masters' wealth or extremely good fortune. To others, they are simply adorable, loyal companions that will faithfully stay by their master's side no matter where their adventures take them.

You don't have to be a "hardcore" collector to start your very own pet collection. You can start out small and only collect the pets that are being sold by vendors for WoW gold (these cost anywhere between 50 silver to 50 WoW gold), or the pets that are up for sale at the Auction House (these are worth larger amounts of WoW gold, depending on rarity). You can limit the number of pets you collect based on the "Can I Keep Him?" series of achievements (awarded for getting 1, 15, 25, 50, and 75 different pets). You can choose to collect only a specific type of pet – like all the birds, or all the cats. It depends on your personal taste.

Considering how much time and WoW gold goes into collecting companion pets, it seems like a trivial and wasteful pursuit. To a determined collector, however, the whole process is a worthwhile and fun challenge. Having a pet accompanying your toon is one way to distinguish yourself from other WoW players, and managing to acquire pets that are particularly difficult to obtain gives you some bragging rights, too. Unlike Hunter pets that run away when their Happiness is too low or epic gear that will be replaced whenever a new expansion comes out, companion pets will always remain faithful and never become obsolete.

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