The 5 Biggest Lies About Buying Gold – What they don’t want you to know

June 22, 2010

Virtual currencies are one of the most popular and in-demand commodities in any MMORPG. Thousands of gamers—or up to 30% of the player base according to industry estimates— purchase virtual currencies just as naturally as they would a McDonald’s hamburger or a Starbucks latte.

Gamers spend this in-game cash on mounts, gear, and other items that enhance their gameplay experience. Virtual currencies also bring them comfort and pleasure knowing they can avoid the time sink grind inherent in all games.

Unfortunately buying gold is still shrouded by controversy and this is why: There is the perception, led by a small section of hard core players (who have time to play daily for hours), that buying gold can cause account security breaches, and that buying gold might ruin the in-game economy. So, instead of taking advantage of the gold buying services available, players who are influenced by this vocal few stick to tedious gold-making routines when they’d rather be raiding with friends or exploring the beautiful locales in-game.

What this small segment of influential gamers fails to appreciate is that times have changed, and the RMT platform is not what it was 6/7 years ago – when real money trading (RMT) edged its way into the gaming market.

Now there is choice!  Finding trustworthy sellers online with high standards of service, customer relations and solid guarantees is absolutely possible.

Gamers deserve to know the truth so EpicToon has decided to debunk the five biggest lies about buying gold and virtual currency. Maybe then, more gamers will see past the scare tactics can max out their fun and break free from the boring parts of MMORPGs.

Gold comes only from stolen or hacked accounts. Gamers fear that when they buy gold, they are condoning the theft and hacking of accounts.

‘Shady’ sellers who steal accounts just to gain a quick profit are now a days the exception, not the rule. There are far more trusted virtual currency sellers dedicated to honest and impeccable service.

As a founding member of the “Clean up the Industry” movement, EpicToon is one of those trusted sellers. Acquiring virtual currency through clean and legitimate processes, EpicToon takes this issue seriously and employs strict measures to ensure currency is sourced ethically.  Tolerating malicious practices that derail a game playability only goes towards destroying RMT’s life blood (the games they depend on for business). Simply put, it does not make business sense to acquire currency through sabotage. EpictToon is a company formed by expert gamers and business entrepreneurs with years of experience in the industry who strive to keep the play environment safe and fun for everyone.

EpicToon partners with top guilds and hardcore fans who earn their in-game cash through skill and patience. Our long-term relationships with these professional gamers let EpicToon acquire virtual currency at bulk prices, which is why the rates and service EpicToon provide are the best value for your dollar around.

Gamers who buy gold are lazy or helpless noobs. It’s easy to forget that the average gamer juggles a full-time job or school plus other obligations with family, friends, and romantic partners. Here in America, research shows the average gamer age is 35 years old. Most gamers also come from rich and working class households with an allotted budget for gaming entertainment but not a lot of hours for play time...

With their limited time for leisure activities, this segment of gamers wants to play online games for fun. They want to do activities they actually like such as raiding, PvP dueling and hassle-free leveling. All of these require virtual currency so EpicToon helps them get into the meat of the game without sacrificing time from their real lives. Rather than spend a day earning 1 million Kinah in Aion, for example, a gamer can simply spend less than an hour’s wage at the EpicToon store and receive that same Kinah within the day.

Gold buying ruins the game economy. The common misconception is that buying gold will ruin the in-game economy, or that it causes a so-called ‘inflation.’ Wikipedia defines inflation as a “rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.” In layman’s terms, it means prices for limited goods rise when people have more currency to purchase it with.

Top guilds and professional gamers who supply our gold may be earning more virtual currency than the average joe, but all players contribute to the natural inflation in online games. That’s right inflation is natural because as all players progress in game, their earning potential increases.

There’s the whiz kid who studies the auction house for weeks and earns insane profits from item buying and selling. There’s bored ‘ol grandpa who has nothing to do all day but level alts, kill monsters and fatten his gold purse. There’s the college gang who raids on weekends and competes among themselves for the most expensive gear.

If all these players also contribute to in-game inflation by earning tons of gold, then shouldn’t they be tagged as “ruining the game” as well? Guess not.

Gold selling sites will steal your information. Similar to trusted online sites like Amazon and eBay, EpicToon carries the VeriSign Secured Seal, which authenticates each visitor and prevents them from data theft. The EpicToon store also runs McAfee Secure to protect customers from malicious viruses, and ensures safe payments by PayPal and Moneybookers.

Other members of the “Clean up the Industry” movement follow this safety precaution in order to protect gamers and their hard-earned income, and establish a brand of trust distinguishes us from the shady sellers. If you don’t trust our claims, then trust your fellow gamers who have given EpicToon glowing reviews and positive BizRate satisfaction ratings.

Gold buying is expensive. In today’s world, what’s expensive depends on the value derived from the item in question. EpicToon strives to make its line-up of virtual currencies affordable in the sense that the wealth and convenience it provides in-game makes up for the dollar cost. We do this not only through affordable prices driven by reliable sourcing, but also through tons of freebie services. Not only does it buy them the currency that they need in-game, but it also saves them free time.

EpicToon runs a news blog that dishes out the latest updates on popular MMORPGs, and releases up-to-date game guides for beginners and crafting fanatics. We also give out monthly promos and discounts to our loyal customers, resulting in thousands of bonus currencies and hundreds in saved dollars.

There you have it. We’ve made our case that buying gold is safe, ethical and affordable when done through legitimate sellers like EpicToon. It doesn’t ruin game economies, and is a great option for gamers who want to enjoy their games with what little available time they have.

So see through all the lies and make a decision to buy virtual currency based on what really matters: “Will it help you enjoy the game or not?”


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