WoW Profession Guide: Skinning

In World of Warcraft, the Skinning profession enables players to skin the corpses of certain mobs to obtain various kinds of leather, hide, scales, and fur. These items can be used by Leather Workers to create armor, bags, and other items.

Note that even when paired with Skinning, you may need additional funds for the other materials required for Leather Working, so you might want to buy WoW Gold.


As with all professions, Skinning has six proficiency levels, which are listed in the table below. As you increase your character’s level and your Skinning skill level, you can increase your Skinning Proficiency by visiting a Skinning Trainer. While any Skinning Trainer in Azeroth can teach you Apprentice to Artisan Skinning, you can only learn Master Skinning in Outland or Northrend, and Grand Master Skinning in Northrend.

Training costs WoW Gold, and the prices differ depending on whether you chose Skinning as your Primary or Secondary profession.


Required Character Level

Minimum Required Skill Points

Maximum Allowed Skill Points

Training Cost

( Primary Profession)

Training Cost

(Secondary Profession)





10 Copper

1 Silver





10 Silver

5 Silver





50 Silver

1 WoW Gold





5 WoW Gold

2 WoW Gold

50 Silver





10 WoW Gold

10 WoW Gold

Grand Master




35 WoW Gold

35 WoW Gold


Leveling Skinning

The first thing you need to do is to visit a Skinning Trainer in one of Azeroth’s main cities to learn Apprentice Skinning. This section contains a table that shows you which items to create to level up your Proficiency in the fastest, most efficient manner.

Remember to always bring your Skinning Knife (or any equivalent item) with you. You won’t be able to skin anything if you don’t!


Skinning Level Guide

  • 1-75 (Horde): Keep skinning the beasts you encounter on your way to Orgrimmar from Sen’jin Village. Make sure your Skinning is at least skill level 50 when you get to Orgrimmar, and learn Journeyman Skinning from the trainer there.
  • 1-50 (Alliance): Skin the mobs around Iceflow Lake, and go back to Ironforge to learn Journeyman Skinning once you reach skill level 50. After that head toward Loch Modan and keeps skinning mobs along the way.
  • 75-125 (Horde): Skin the beasts you encounter as you travel to Camp Taurajo. Make sure your Skinning is at level 125 when you get to the camp so that you can learn Expert Skinning from the trainer there.
  • 75-115 (Alliance): From Thelsamar, make your way around the southern end of The Loch toward the eastern area of Loch Modan, and keep skinning up to level 85. After that, move up north and around the northern part of The Loch, skinning everything you see until you reach the path that leads up and out of Loch Modan.
  • 115-155 (Alliance): Go through Wetlands from Loch Modan, and keep skinning mobs while making your way to Menethil Harbor. Once you get to 140, head back to Ironforge to learn Expert Skinning, then go back to Wetlands and level your Skinning up to 155.
  • 125-165 (Horde): Keep skinning the beasts you encounter as you make your way to Thousand Needles.
  • 155-205 (Alliance): Head to Arathi Highlands, and skin the mobs located around the areas to the east and west of Refuge Pointe up to level 170. At 170-205, skin the mobs in the area south of Refuge Pointe (the area between Stormgarde Keep and Witherbark Village). Once you reach skill level 205, go back to Ironforge and learn Artisan Skinning.
  • 165-205 (Horde): Keep skinning the beasts you encounter as you move from the Ancient Lift to the Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles. Make sure your Skinning is a at skill level 205 when you leave Thousand Needles, then head to Tanaris and fly to Feralas to learn Artisan Skinning.
  • 205-230 (Horde and Alliance): Go to Camp Mojache and skin the mobs there.
  • 230-260 (Horde and Alliance): Move from Camp Mojache to The High Wilderness and skin the mobs there.
  • 260-280 (Horde and Alliance): From The High Wilderness, go up to The Twin Colossals and skin the mobs there.
  • 280-300 (Horde and Alliance): Fly to Un’goro Crater and skin the mobs in the northwestern part of the map.
  • 300-305 (Horde and Alliance): Go to Thrallmar or Honor Hold and learn Master Skinning. Skin mobs near Honor Hold, Zeth’gor, and Spinebreaker Post until you get to skill level 305.
  • 305-310 (Horde and Alliance): Move to the area northwest of Expedition Armory and southwest of Honor Hold and skin the mobs there.
  • 310-330 (Horde and Alliance): Go to Razorthorn Trail and skin the mobs there.
  • 330-360 (Horde and Alliance): Head into Nagrand and skin the mobs around Garadar, Halaa, and Laughing Skull Ruins.
  • 360-390 (Horde and Alliance): Go to Northrend and learn Grand Master Skinning. Skin the rhinos in the area to the north of Riplash Strand and the area to the north of Warsong Hold.
  • 390-450 (Horde and Alliance): Head to Sholazar Basin and skin the gorillas located to the east of Frenzyheart Hill.

Now that you know the most efficient way to level up your Skinning skill, you’ll get up to 450 in no time. Like the other gathering professions, Skinning can be tedious, but if you chose to take up Leatherworking or if you’re in a realm where leather is in high demand, gathering the materials will be well worth it.

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