Final Fantasy XIV: User Interface

There are several items seen in FFXIV's user interface (UI).

1. Display Name – Where important information is found.

  • White – Other playable characters
  • Blue – Party members
  • Green – NPCs
  • Yellow – Enemies
  • Red – Provoked enemies

2. Mini map – Displays area, direction, camera direction, and NPC locations.
3. Log – Contains text for the system, battle, and chat logs.
4. Unit Frame – Your character's status, HP, MP, and TP.
5. Connection Status

In-game Communication
Chatting in FFXIV is text based. Chat commands require a forward slash. Examples of commands are /say, /party, /tell, and /shout. As for emotes, options are bound to the E key in the keyboard as well as the 2nd icon to the right of the action bar.

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