Final Fantasy XIV: Overview

Final Fantasy XIV is the 14th installment in Square Enix's Final Fantasy Series. It is the 2nd Final Fantasy massive multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) to hit the gaming world. Currently in beta mode, it is to be released for Windows and Playstation3 on September 2010.

The Age of Adventure:
Final Fantasy XIV is set in the world of Hydaelyn in the continent of Eorzea. Wandering tribes across Hydaelyn arrived at empty Eorzea, building up independent city-states that flourished over time. But a threat from the east, the Garlean Empire, came without warning, and endangered the fragile peace among the races. As the strongest of the Eorzean city-states, Ala Mhigo, fell to the empire's metal sundries, the southern nations formed a temporary alliance to battle the seemingly inevitable invasion. Yet it never came and an uneasy peace settled throughout the land. Despite the calm, mercenaries and knights who once belonged to the armies of the once independent city-states were without fealty and resorted to acts of crime to remain alive. To resolve this issue, several Eorzean leaders formed "guilds" that provided opportunities to those whose services may be needed. And thus, an era of adventuring was born!

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