Final Fantasy XIV: Character Creation and Customization

Character Creation and Customization

The Five Races - There are five distinct races that abound in Eorzea:

1.The Hyur (Midlander and Highlander) – A race of humans with the largest population in the continent.

2.The Miqo'te (Seekers of the Sun and The Keepers of the Moon) - With features such as furry ears and tails, their strengths lie in superior senses, making for great skills in hunting and predation.

3.The Lalafell (Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk) - The only midget race. Their short stature belies great agility and stamina, as well as cunning intellects.

4.The Elezen (Wildwood and Duskwight) –With slim physiques, the noble and prideful Elezen has shared with the Hyur a past filled with bloodshed.

5.The Roegadyn - Hovering over the other races with their enormous, powerful builds, this race is characterized by their piety towards competition and courage.

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