Final Fantasy XIV: Basic Gameplay

The Character Progression System
FFXIV introduces the new character progression system which is based on two levels:

1. Physical Levels – Determines a character's physical growth levels by achieving experience points through victory in battle.
2. Skill ranks – Skill ranks are upgraded by accumulating skill points from combat or crafting. As a skill rank increases, new abilities will be made available to the character.

Questing is perpetrated through levequests. From the Adventurer's Guild, you can undertake various kinds of Leve. Once chosen, you are to go to the point of activation and activate the difficulty (solo or party). Once activated, the Leve has a time limit for completion.

Leve have restrictions in rank and discipline and may involve gathering items, eradicating enemies, etc. Guildleves are basically the "cards" presented when a leve has been accepted. Guildleves can be repeated but currently, a maximum of 8 Guildleves can be completed in 48 real-life hours.

Battle System
The FFXIV battle system varies when playing solo or in a party. Also, additional meters in the UI become visible:
1. Action Bar – Displays the set actions set or the available actions to your target.
2. Action Gauge – Tells the time before an action can be executed. Secondary gauges appear for equipped shields however the action gauge for main hand and off hand is independent from each other.
3. Effect Gauge – When the action gauge is filled, the effect gauge becomes active, determining the effects of the executed commands.

** Active Mode is when a character's tool or weapon is drawn. Battle commands are available yet movement is slowed down. A player cannot log-out when in active mode.
 ** Passive Mode is when weapons are not drawn and HP regenerates. A player must be in passive mode to equip weapons or tools.

Battle Flow

  1. Equip a tool or weapon.
  2. Switch to active mode.
  3. Select target.
  4. Select and execute commands - When in a party, a battle regimen may be created.
  5. When victorious, redeem experience and skill points.
  6. Loot - A battle's spoils is randomly distributed and is considered a player's possession when transferred from the loot list to a player's inventory. Items left on the loot list will be lost after a period of time.

Team Play and Battle Regimen
Forming a party is an important aspect of the FFXIV battle system. When in a party, unit frames of each member are displayed in the lower right part of the screen. A party can have as much as 15 members.

The Battle Regimen involves commands that must be stacked in the correct order to ensure the most effective action a party may execute against a single foe.

All Things Aetheryte
Aetheryte crystals appear in towns and cities. When approached, a variety of actions will appear:

  1. Restore HP and MP
  2. Save as home point
  3. Register to teleport list
  4. Begin levequests from that location

Aetherial Gates – Can be found in variously in Eorzea. They can restore HP and MP and can be set as home point.

Aetherial Nodes – Temporary warp points that appear after completing a levequest and will teleport the player to the aetheryte crystal in which the levequest was started.

The Economy
In Final Fantasy XIV, gil is not dropped by mobs but is earned through completing Guildleves and selling crafted items or items dropped by monsters.

FFXIV gil earned depends on the Guildleve rank:


Rank Price
1 50-700
10 700-1500
20 1500-2800





No Auction House has been implemented yet but profit can be made through opening bazaars. Players are encouraged to gather, craft, and merchandise their own items. NPCs will only sell items used to change classes such as tools, weapons, and crafting items.


According to the beta servers, the range of prices per item is as follows:

Type Level Price
Weapons 8-11 10,000-15,000
Shields 7-17 5,000-15,000
Helms 17-26 200-12,000
Robes 10-32 1,000-25,000
Pants 5-21 800-15,000
Rings 15 900
Belts 6 1,200
Gloves 14-32 450-12,000
Undergarment 1 1,000
Undershirt 1 500
Accessories 10 200
Crafting rarity levels 5-1,000
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