Introduction to AoC Professions

August 5, 2009

There is a Chinese proverb that says "Money makes the world go round." While absolutely true in the real world, this proverb also applies in the world of Age of Conan. Being armed with just weapons and armor isn't enough for an adventurer to make his or her way in Hyboria. Money is necessary for a great many things, such as purchasing items and weapons from vendors, and hiring mercenaries for combat and combat-related quests.

The currency in AoC is made up of four types: Tin, Copper, Silver, and Gold. A hundred units of one currency is equivalent to a unit of the next currency; 100 Tin equals 1 Copper, 100 Copper equals 1 Silver, and so on.

Doing quests and slaying enemies is one way players earn AoC Gold, while some opt to spend some real-world cash to purchase some AoC Gold online. One of the best ways to earn money in-game, however, is to take up a Profession.

There are two categories of Professions in Age of Conan: Crafting and Harvesting. These professions are learned through the aid of trainers found in resource and gathering regions such as Poitain, Purple Lotus Swamp, and the Laceish Plains. Completing series of quests given by these trainers enable players to improve their crafting skills, enabling them to produce and gather items of better quality.

Crafting Professions
Crafting professions enable players to create items that they can use, sell, or trade. These items range from consumables like potions to a wide variety of weapons and armor. There are five Crafting professions in total, but players are only allowed to learn two of them at a time.

• Alchemy – Alchemists craft potions and other consumables that provide stat bonuses and/or recover health or mana.
• Architecture – Architects specialize in the construction of buildings and siege weapons for Cities.
• Armorsmithing – Armorsmiths craft various types of armor ranging from cloth to full-plate, as well accessories like shields and necklaces.
• Gemcutting – Gemcutters turn rough gems that are dropped by monsters and turn them into enchantments that can be placed into items to increase their potency.
• Weaponsmithing – Weaponsmiths are able to craft different kinds of weapons such as daggers, polearms, bows, and swords.

Harvesting Professions
Harvesting professions are necessary for any would-be crafter as harvesting is the means by which players acquire most of the materials needed for crafting. There are six Harvesting professions in total, and players are allowed to learn all of them at the same time.

• Mining – Miners are able to harvest different ores from veins scattered around Hyboria. The ores that Miners can harvest
• Prospecting – Like Miners, Prospectors harvest different kinds of ore, but Prospectors harvest Silver, Blackened Silver, Electrum, Illustrium, Gold, and Platinum.
• Skinning – The Skinning profession enables players to gather various kinds of leather from animals.
• Stonecutting – Stonecutters are able to gather different kinds of stone used in the construction of buildings and the crafting of certain kinds of armor.
• Weaving – Weavers are able to gather cloth and related materials such as Cotton and Cottonwisp from plants and mobs.
• Woodcutting – Woodcutters gather the wood necessary for Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, and Architecture.

Business and Trade
Once the crafted items are finished, players can earn money by selling or trading them. Selling items to NPCs is simple enough, but selling items to and trading with other players proves to be a more profitable endeavor. There are two ways to go about peddling goods; players can find a public spot to verbally advertise their wares so that other players may approach them with a trade offer, or they can put their goods up for sale in Tradeposts that can be constructed within player-built cities.

Face-to-face trading with a fellow player is done through choosing the Trade option in the menu, which then opens up Trade window. Trade windows are divided into two parts, one showing the items being given to the other player and the other showing the items the other player is offering. The transaction is completed once both players have accepted the trade.

Using a Tradepost is a much simpler way to go about selling items to other players. When using a Tradepost, players are able to access an interface that combines his/her bank, mail, and a marketplace to buy and sell goods. Selling a crafted item is simple: put it in the bank and tag it for sale with the appropriate price. Other players are able to view these items on sale, and eventually someone will come along and purchase them.

Crafting professions make up a large part of Age of Conan's in-game economy. Experts can dictate the price ranges for rare items and can make lots of AoC Gold through the tradepost. It only takes diligence in crafting and obtaining the required materials. All in all, the system may sound traditional at first, but AoC has its own style of player-driven economies.


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