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EpicToon brings you the information that you need to improve your craftsmanship in AoC. Get tips and information on the following AoC Guides on Alchemy, Architecture, Armorsmithing, Gemcutting, Harvesting and Weaponsmithing right here on EpicToon.com.

Harvesting Professions

Aion game guides for the latest NCSoft masterpiece, Aion: The Tower of Eternity. Learn the basics and become an expert at the different crafting skills, brought to you by EpicToon.

Beginner's Guide
Crafting Basics
Asmodian Alchemy Guide
Asmodian Armorsmithing Guide
Asmodian Cooking Guide
Asmodian Handicrafting Guide
Asmodian Sewing Guide
Asmodian Weaponsmithing Guide
Elyos Alchemy Guide
Elyos Armorsmithing Guide
Elyos Cooking Guide
Elyos Handicrafting Guide
Elyos Sewing Guide
Elyos Weaponsmithing Guide

Rise through the crafting guilds of Vana’diel with our extensive Final Fantasy XI guides. We’ve laid out all you’ll need to advance as a veteran alchemist or an adept fisher, including recipes until the highest skill cap. Each guide also has a guild reward chart of special abilities and items available to your chosen craft.


Welcome to the beginner's guide for Final Fantasy XIV. From story, technicalities, to looting treasure chests filled with FFXIV Gil, this guide will help you find your way through FFXIV's online realm of Eorzea.

Character Creation and Customization
The Armoury System
User Interface
Basic Gameplay

Master the basics of Star Trek Online in warp drive speed with great starter guides from EpicToon! Learn how to maneuver your starship fast in space combat, and know which skills can bring out the best performance in your crew. Look out also for our additional guides on how to earn those valuable energy credits in no time flat.

Beginner's Guide

Master your professions in World of Warcraft with comprehensive guides from EpicToon. Up-to-date with leveling requirements from the basic Apprentice rank to Grand Master proficiency, these profession guides will lift your crafting and resource gathering skills.

Alchemy Guide
Blacksmithing Guide
Cataclysm Primer
Cooking Guide
Enchanting Guide
Engineering Guide
First Aid Guide
Fishing Guide
Herbalism Guide
Inscription Guide
Jewelcrafting Guide
Leatherworking Guide
Mining Guide
Skinning Guide
Tailoring Guide

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