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Released on June 20, 2013 for PC, Neverwinter is a Dungeons and Dragons-based massively multiplayer online role playing game. Developed by MMO veterans Cryptic Studios, Neverwinter is not part of any of the previous Neverwinter Nights games, instead acting as an entirely standalone experience.

The game is takes place after the city of Neverwinter is thrown into chaos when the last Lord of Neverwinter disappears. The survivors of the Spellplague for factions and begin struggling for control over the populace, even as the dead are reanimated and wage war on the city.
At the start, players can choose from one of seven traditional D&D classes; Control Wizard, Devoted Cleric, Great Weapon Fighter, Guardian Fighter, Oathbound Paladin, Hunter Ranger, Scourge Warlock and the Trickster Rogue. There are also 13 races available, including the Dragonborn, Drow, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-Elf, Half Orc, Human and many more.

Combat is fast-paced and action oriented, even when compared to many competing MMORPG’s. It’s based on a modification of the 4th Dungeons and Dragons rules set, and requires the use of action points and healing powers. Crafting plays a large part in the game, with gamers able to take on a number of professions, such as Alchemy, Artificing, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking and more. Gamers will spend a large portion of their time exploring, completing quests for Neverwinter Gold and adventuring in and around Neverwinter itself.

Neverwinter’s locations are heavily based around the novel Gauntlgyrm it’s sequel Neverwinter, and Charon’s claw. Locations include Neverwinter proper and the Neverwinter Wood. One of the coolest features of Neverwinter is the fact that players will be able to create their own locations which may or may not be lore-based. Players looking for a leg up may want to buy some cheap Neverwinter Gold from to tune their toons to the max possible spec.