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About FIFA 14

Anyone who is an avid football fan will want to get his or her hands on FIFA 14. This game introduces some new features that the old FIFA games never had, and it has also improved on some of the staples of prior FIFA games. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of FIFA 14 run on the all new, next-generation Ignite Engine, while the PC version plays flawlessly and looks amazing thanks to a number of improvements to animation, physics, artificial intelligence, and Ultimate Team (your FIFA 14 coins will definitely come in handy). Match-day presentation and team licenses are still intact, and the team at EA has proven once again that they know the beautiful game.

FIFA 14 represents a more polished, more realistic iteration of the popular franchise, and is the best looking and most realistic football game available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Players move and shoot realistically during gameplay with new levels of realism and attention to detail paid to the animation on the field as well as within the spectator's stands.

Stadiums, Players and Ultimate Team Mode

FIFA 14 features over 60 stadiums from all across the globe, incorporating 32 actual venues. It has every team a player could want and is licensed with more than 15,000 players. The game also features the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, a mode that has become incredibly popular in FIFA games. This mode allows players to earn, buy, trade and sell players using FIFA coins in order to construct the perfect team. They are then able to play with their dream teams against other teams via the Internet.

Gameplay modes feature the original career mode as well as custom tournaments and FIFA Ultimate Team. You'll need to buy cheap FIFA 14 coins from EpicToon to ensure you get the best teams possible.

FIFA 14 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One features many gameplay modes such as pro club games, full club seasons with co-op available, and FIFA Ultimate Team matches. FIFA Ultimate Team game mode allows players to create a true dream team from real world players and staff. Players earn FIFA coins either online or offline to spend on improving their Ultimate Team. FIFA coins are won by completing objectives such as winning a match or drawing a match. Your best bet for cheap FIFA coins is with

Pure Shot
One of the new features is the “Pure Shot.” This FIFA game has completely changed how the ball is shot. Players have the ability to amend their speed and angle of approach in order to best prepare for a high-percentage shot. It takes some getting used to, but once a person has played for a while, he or she is bound to enjoy this new system. When aiming to hit the back of the net, the makes and misses feel earned. Shots are no longer automatic; they require planning and skill. While a shot that is hurried may score, it is less likely than a quality shot.

Real Ball Physics
The ball moves much more realistically in this game. It has weight and speed that mimic real life. The direction of the ball is guided by physics that would appear to follow the laws of gravity, making a much more pleasant football match. Players can strike the ball with more accuracy and choose the force with which they want to kick it. Low shots can be drilled with stunning precision, and high shots can be made as well. The physics in this game make for a breathtaking football experience.

Protect The Ball
Players are able to own midfield and determine the speed at which they want to play. Dribbling can be performed at any speed, allowing players to avoid and block defenders. Players also have the ability to maneuver for position prior to receiving the football.

Career Mode
This is a gameplay option that allows the player to act as a scout, searching for talent throughout the year. The player has the ability to cultivate his or her own system and process for scouting. Footballers attributes are listed so that players can make the best choice as to whom they should recruit.

Co-Op Seasons
This is a feature that allows players to team up with an online friend to play against two other online friends from any location on the planet. Players start in a lowly division and have the chance to play their way into Division One matches.