STAR WARS The Old Republic EU

Servers List

Battle Meditation::Galactic Republic Mantle of the Force::Galactic Republic The Red Eclipse::Galactic Republic
Battle Meditation::Sith Empire Mantle of the Force::Sith Empire The Red Eclipse::Sith Empire
Darth Nihilus::Galactic Republic T3-M4::Galactic Republic Tomb of Freedon Nadd::Galactic Republic
Darth Nihilus::Sith Empire T3-M4::Sith Empire Tomb of Freedon Nadd::Sith Empire
Jar'Kai Sword::Galactic Republic The Progenitor::Galactic Republic Vanjervalis Chain::Galactic Republic
Jar'Kai Sword::Sith Empire The Progenitor::Sith Empire Vanjervalis Chain::Sith Empire