‘Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns’ Feature List Preview


In  January, MMO developer ArenaNet announced some long-awaited news that had MMO gamers far and wide talking. The studio announced the first major expansion for “Guild Wars 2,” named “Hear of Thorns.”

“Heart of Thorns” is a massive update to the base game, the expansion features an entirely new region called Heart of Maguuma, an open world jungle map made up of three distinct biomes. There’s The Core, which is the very floor of the jungle, The Roots, which run deep into the jungle depths, and The Canopy, which soars high into the sky above. When asked how big the new region is ArenaNet co-founder Colin Johanson had this to say:

“We’re really focusing on doing less broad development and more deep development. I think historically you’ll see expansions for MMOs do a bunch of maps that players progress through very quickly and leave a wasteland of empty worlds behind them. We’re really focusing on doing less total maps and instead making them really, really deep, filled with a ton of replay value; a ton of content to explore and see. A lot of content that, as you progress through it, you’ll see for the first time and you won’t be able to get there, or you’ll encounter challenges that you can’t overcome the first time that you see them. As you progress and build through our mastery system, you’ll be able to return and overcome those challenges and get to those places you couldn’t get to the first time through.”


The expansion also brings Outposts, which are centralized locations for events which change over the course of time, and Adventures, which are on-demand challenges in the open world that can be repeated as often as players wish. Also coming is tons of challenging new group content, new boss battles, and new events and storylines that offer even more chances to earn cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold.

From a gameplay point of view, “Heart of Thorns” also promises to offer a lot to keep gamers busy, thanks to the addition of an all new Mastery System. The Mastery System is an account based Player Vs Environment progression system, which players can use to gain Mastery Points. The system is available strictly to players who have reached level 80, so long-time players will find plenty of new content.

Earned Mastery Points can be used to access tiers of Mastery Tracks. Mastery Tracks are filled by earning XP, and completing Track rewards all a players characters with some really cool abilities, including:

  • Master Lore: learn the languages of the civilizations of the jungle, unlocking secret locations and learning new combat techniques
  • Master Legends: unlock collections for obtaining precursors; there will be one collection for each weapon[4]
  • Master Exploration: learn to jump across special mushrooms, or learn hang gliding to glide through the air instead of falling, where more points allow you to ride on a gust of wind to hard-to-reach locations
  • Master Combat: learn new abilities to help you in challenging group fights with creatures of the jungle
  • Master Fractals: learn new abilities to overcome difficult fractal challenges, garner greater rewards, and unlock more powerful infusions

Aside from the Mastery system, “Heart of Thorns” will also offer a new “Revenant” profession,a heavy armor profession which allows players to channel the power of legends from Guild Wars’ past and control the Mists. Also being added is a new Stonghold Game Mode, inspired by MOBA games which will be available in custom arenas. There’s also the addition of Guild Teams and Guild Halls, rounding out the mammoth “Heart of Thorns” feature list. Gamers looking for a leg up can get some cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold from EpicToon.com