Darkmoon Faire Races Return To WoW With New Races Planned Through Summer

Darkmoon Race

The Darkmoon Faire returns to Azeroth this month, bringing with it a slew of new races, rewards, and updates to your favorite games.

New first new race, named “The Real Race makes an appearance as part of this update, and its the first of many to come. If you’d like to take part in one of the races fear not, you won’t have to part with a single wow gold! Simply head over to the boardwalk and take on the “Welcome to the Darkmoon Races” quest.

Remember, speed alone isn’t enough to win and no amount of cheap wow gold will help either. You’ll need to make strategic use of speed boosts and springboards to gain the upper hand. Think quick, and avoid boundaries, you’ll be stunned and lose time. Races have proven pretty popular, so new ones will be scheduled through the summer. A list from Blizzard provides a helpful breakdown of what to expect.

  • March: ‘The Real Race’, including the Racing Strider racer and a set of achievements with rewards.
  • April: ‘The Real Big Race’, including a new Rocketeer racer, more boosts and race buffs, and new achievements for beating the The Real Big Race with both racers.
  • May: A new Wanderluster racer, new achievements for beating both races with the Wanderluster, and rewards.
  • June: A new Powermonger racer, new achievements for beating both races with the Powermonger, and rewards.

Blizzard have also updated the Tonk Commander game, lifting the max hit limit of 30. Skilled players can now get in as many hits as they can within one minute, and managing more than 45 hits unlocks the “Ace Tonk Commander” achievement and a brand new Darkmoon Tonk Controller Toy. Also updated is the Ring Toss, which has actually been made a little more difficult, but the rewards have been adjusted appropriately. Winners now get a new “Triumphant Turtle Tossing” achievement as well as a Darkmoon Ring-Finger toy.

The Faire runs for a few more days yet, and will be back again on April 5th, so if you need to buy cheap wow gold, get it safe from your friends at EpicToon.com.