The Gold Saucer Comes To Final Fantasy XIV, Stock Up on MGP and FFXIV Gil!

Manderville Gold Saucer

For Final Fantasy fans of a certain age, the Gold Saucer means something special. Final Fantasy VII represented the first big JRPG many of us played and the magical amusement park offered the chance to play a slew of cool mini-games. Last month, Square Enix promised a new version of the Gold Saucer would find its way to FFXIV with Patch 2.51, and they’ve delivered in a big way. To get the most out of the new Gold Saucer, you’ll need bushels of cheap FFXIV Gil from your friends at

Patch 2.51 has only just launched and the newly christened Manderville Gold Saucer is already being swamped. Indeed, the Square Enix Europe website has issued a notice letting folks know that they might have to exercise a little patience. If you find yourself unable to log into the Gold Saucer, log off for a while and wait before trying again.

The official patch notes for 2.51 are posted on the Final Fantasy XIV website, and illustrate just how chock-full of content this latest update is. The highlight of course is the Manderville Gold Saucer, which is home to a range of new and amusing diversions:

  • Chocobo Racing
  • Triple Triad
  • Moogle Paw
  • Cuff-a-Cur
  • Monster Toss
  • Crystal Tower Striker
  • Mini-Cactpot

However, just about everything you might want to do requires you to spend a new currency called Manderville Gold Saucer Points (different from FFXIV Gil). Don’t worry, getting your hands on Manderville Gold Saucer Points (also called MGP) isn’t that hard. Simply head over to the Entrance Square and look for the Gold Saucer Attendant. As long as you already have less than 500 MGP on you, you’ll be able to purchase some MGP using FFXIV Gil and remember, you can buy as much as you want us here at EpicToon, so feel free to treat yourself!

Once you’ve got a backpack full of MGP, it’s time to enjoy the mini-games. Triple Triad is a fun and addictive card deck building game, Moogle’s Paw lets you grab prizes using a giant crane, and Crystal Tower Striker is a mallet game. The pick of the crop however, is the return of a revamped form of Chocobo Racing.

First, head to Chocobo Square and speak with the lift operator, Saethrith at the Entrance square. Get a registration form for your Chocobo by completing the registration quest, and register for a race. Once you’re ready, it’s time to race. The controls are fairly straightforward, but you’ll need to keep an eye on your Chocobo’s stamina. Ride the bird too hard and you’re unlikely to win, so you’ll have to find a balance. Keep an eye open for Macked Panels and Race items scattered about the track. The former can either help or hinder, and the latter offer cool abilities like speed boosts and extra stamina.

Chocobo Racing

If you find you’ve got a good bird on your hands, you’re in luck! You can train your Chocobo so that it gains new skills and abilities,  the breed them to produce offspring with even better stats!

Patch 2.51 represents Square’s biggest update to Final Fantasy XIV in quite a while, and it indicates that the developer is serious about adding worthwhile new content. The Manderville Gold Saucer is more than just a fan-service driven addition, it’s a major new addition that breaks up the gameplay. Of course, you’ll need to buy cheap FFXIV Gil from if you plan on visiting regularly.