How to Become a Successful Pirate in ArcheAge

AA Pirate 1

If you’re the sort for whom the life of a rascal, a rogue, and a little tyranny and wanton destruction hold some appeal, you’ll want to look into Piracy in ArcheAge. It’s not a choice to be taken lightly though, while you’re likely to earn a ton of ArcheAge gold on your travels, as with everything else in the game, there are definite benefits, but also some harsh punishments.

The path to piracy is fairly simple and straightforward. Kill enough players in your faction, or steal enough from other players and you’ll be thrown in jail. It’s a cool system that discourages wanton grieving and sets you on the road to becoming a pirate.

While it’s true that you can attempt to escape jail by digging your way to the Tower Key, doing so imposes a truly harsh debuff that sticks with you for a good while. Do this repeatedly though, and you’ll become infamous. Now, that sounds like fun, but it’s a mark that stays with you FOREVER… (well, not really, but for a long time)! Infamy, however, is absolutely necessary on the path to piracy.

Once you’ve accrued 3,000 infamy points, you’ll be branded a pirate (Arrr!), and you now have access to Pirate Island. Your old faction will no longer want anything to do with you, and worse, there’ll be a kill on sight bounty on your head. Other players can now kill you, and will NOT suffer penalties for doing so. Oh, did we mention that if you’re killed in PVP on any of the Southern Continents, you’re thrown in jail?

You, my friend, are now a pirate.

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Piracy does have its advantages of course. You can sail the seas, attack and kill other players, steal and pillage without recourse. It’s a gameplay decision that takes a LONG time to reverse though, so you might consider creating a character specifically to go down this path. If you start out knowing your character’s going to be a pirate, it allows you the opportunity to design him or her as such in the character designer too.

A word of advice on being a pirate who actually lives long enough to tell his tales… don’t stick with the rowboat. The rowboat is the free starter ship you’ll get as a quest reward early in the game, and while it’s better than nothing, you’re guaranteed to be blown to the bottom of Davy Jone’s Locker if you run across foes on the open ocean. It might be tempting to save your ArcheAge gold and just stick with it, but you should really ditch it the very first chance you get.

You’ll need to get blueprints in order to build your own ship, and the easiest way to acquire these is to buy them on Mirage Isle at the Harani or Nuian Docks, with Gilda Stars.

Once you’ve got the blueprints, you need the materials required, and once you have those, you need to build your ship quickly, as you only have 3 days before it can be destroyed. We recommend the Clipper, which is a fast, reasonably sturdy ship that’ll allow you to outmaneuver prey. But wait! If you’ve got the ship together, don’t forget your custom sail (one of the coolest benefits of becoming a pirate).

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If you’re a member of a Pirate Guild, you’ll probably want to get the directions for designing your Guild Emblem. If not, purchase memory ink and a Crest Brainstorm from a General Vendor, and find the nearest Crest Printer. Once there, you can get started creating your Pirate Emblem.

Just remember that the image you upload needs to be 256×256 pixels wide, and you need to save it using the filename “ucc.png”, in the folder C:/Archeage/documents/ucc/. To add the Emblem to your sail, click on the Crest Ink in your inventory, and it will use the memory ink you bought to create the Emblem. Click on the Crest Stamp, then on your ship, and voila! You’re now good to go pillaging.

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One final important note about being a pirate, you probably want to build your house on Aurora (and not in the residential area of Pirate Island), since it’ll provide you with a teleport point, storage, a mailbox, warehouse and more. And these are our tips on how to become a scourge of the sea, just don’t forget to fill up on cheap ArcheAge gold from!