ArcheAge Guide – Tips and Tricks for Beginners – Part Three


Whether you’re starting out on Nuia in the west, or Haranya in the east, everything you’ve heard about ArcheAge is true. It’s bold, stunning, expansive, fun, inscrutable, at times infuriating, but always a good time. Thanks to this handy beginners guide (part three in our series), you’ll have more time to play, and more cash to spend on cheap ArcheAge gold.

Don’t power through the starting area quests, they’re really one long tutorial, and by the time you get through with them you should have levelled up sufficiently to get your first glider mount. You’ll also learn a ton of basic info that’ll come in handy later on in the game.


On the subject of the glider mount, this quest is fairly easy to miss, all the more reason you should pay close attention during the starter quests in ArcheAge!

As you continue to level up, don’t feel compelled to clear out an area of quests/activities. It’s a sandbox, feel free to try your hand at something else, but know that you can’t really skip trading, you have to do this to earn Gilda Stars so you can build stuff.


If you’re not sure what to do and feel like you need some direction early on, try trading to earn ArcheAge Gold and Gilda Stars. The town of Windshade in Lilyut Hills a great place to start a quest line that has you doing a series of trade runs. You can then get to work on building your own house and farm, and more gameplay opportunities, like animal husbandry and piracy will open up from that.

Once you’ve completed the starter quests and got the glider mount, consider heading to Mirage Island (accessed via the blue portals near housing areas and in the cities), you’ll find plans for many of the major items in the game. You can also buy a rowboat here, but we recommend saving up to get a Clipper, which is the fastest boat in the game.

It’ll take a while, but the wait will be worth the time saved.About halfway to level 10, you’ll receive a quest that’ll give you the opportunity to get your mount, and will also reward you with some Vita Root Seed, which needs to be planted.

Be careful where you plant stuff, leaving things out in the open means other players can steal or destroy them (though you are awarded two days of protection in public planting areas). We recommend obtaining a Scarecrow by doing the Blue Salt Brotherhood trade route quests in Lilyut Hills mentioned earlier.


There are Large and Small scarecrows, which allow you to claim a plot of land in housing areas, and provide a level of protection while farming.An important note about building anything – plan ahead, the longer it takes you to build something, the longer you’ll be taxed for it. Be wary of how many labor points will be expended, and how many resources are required for your structure.

Most MMO’s encourage you to dive right in, but ArcheAge rewards slow, careful, strategic planning. Be prepared to botch this a few times, especially at the start, but don’t get discouraged because Labor points do regenrate over time (they regenerate quicker if you’re a Patron, and also regenerate while offline too). As always, you can get gold by completing quests, running trade routes also provides gold and Gilda Stars. If you get get stuck, remember that you can always buy cheap ArcheAge gold from