ArcheAge Guide – Tips and Tricks for Beginners – Part Two

Class Selection

There are 120 classes to choose from in ArcheAge that are organized into 10 class trees. The class selection is one set of three chosen trees, which creates several possibilities for unique attributes.

AA Classes

Efficient Leveling

There are two main methods to level a character using Questing or Crafting. Both have their own advantages, but crafting requires much more time without spending money. Crafting is the safer option and allows you to gain proficiency fairly quickly. However, Questing gives you better armor proficiency and should result in some good gear for your efforts. Questing is probably the easiest method to level up since you are always provided with the next quest once you complete the current one, and you can always buy AA gold to help you level faster. This gives you plenty of action-packed gameplay without having to worry about grinding.


AA Crafting

Crafting requires a significant time and gold investment, it’s pretty different from most other MMO’s, but can be rewarding and a lot of fun, you can always buy ArcheAge gold from EpicToon to speed things up if you get stuck. Since it’s a fairly safe option for advancing your character, it may appeal to some beginners. Crafting allows you to obtain about 6,000 labor points per 24 hour period per character. Gear and Consumable Crafting provide a good and safe source of income once you have invested gold, labor points and time. Having the ability to craft will bring you a good source of income since you can always sell your goods to others and make a little AA gold of your own!


AA Property

There are three types of property in ArcheAge — houses, farms and castles. Houses must be placed on housing zones and are accessible to anyone that isn’t on a free account. You can build your own house using different sizes and styles. Farms depend on the climate and area you’re located. Having a farm provides a necessary means to creating efficient goods for trade packs for crafting. Castles require a guild and are part of the end-game structure. Castles can only be erected in Auroria and are modular, which makes it possible to construct your own layout.


AA Skills

The ten basic skill sets include Battlerage, Shadowplay, Archery, Vitalism, Sorcery, Occultism, Witchcraft, Defense and Songcraft. Remember that you can switch between all ten class trees and level them with your character, so you don’t need to worry about your starting class following you for the rest of the game.

Most of the skills are self-explanatory. Battlerage is the warrior class, Shadowplay is for the thieves in the group, Vitalism helps you heal and the other classes are variations on magic and specific skills. For example, the Archery class is a good pick for those that want to have a good ability to strike foes from a distance. Songcraft and Defense can both help you increase the survivability of your party. However, Songcraft focuses on group survivability while Defense focuses on your own.

Three complementary class trees are Sorcery, Occultism and Witchcraft. Sorcery concentrates on inflicting magical damage, Occultism is similar to Sorcery, but is less powerful with the advantage of better crowd control. Witchcraft excels at crowd control.