ArcheAge Guide – Tips and Tricks for Beginners – Part One

ArcheAge Races

ArcheAge falls into the category of a massively multiplayer online role playing game that takes elements from both Eastern and Western world views. The MMORPG is published by Trion Worlds and one of the latest games in the lineup from XL Games. The game provides a highly detailed and absorbing world that allows you plenty of options for both race and class, and while it’s always a good idea to buy cheap ArcheAge gold to ensure you have the best toon you can possibly create, we’ve got some tips and tricks to make your early hours in the world of ArcheAge that much more rewarding.

Race Selection
The game is starting with four possible races, and eventually the game plans to add two additional races. Each race has slightly different abilities, but for the most part, the impact of your race on game play is negligible. Because of this, you can choose the race you like based on appearance.


The Nuian are a race that benefit from the ability to decrease the time it takes to increase their stats after being resurrected. Additionally, they have quick building skills, which reduce the time it takes to construct a house or castle by 30 percent.


Elves have strong endurance and a high level of agility. Choosing an Elf gives you heightened physical strength and the ability to hold their breath under water for up 20 seconds longer than other races. Additionally, they have an increased swimming speed that makes them five percent faster than other races.


Strong claws and quick reflexes make this catlike race formidable. They can twist their bodies and land less forcefully to reduce damage by 20 percent. Because of their strong claws, they can climb trees 30 percent faster than other races.


Harani excel at using portals to travel around the world. This results in a reduced cast time and cooldown on their recall ability by 30 percent. Since they are jungle dwellers, they also have an increased ability and speed at logging trees and gathering herbs by 10 percent over other races.


The Warborn were once respected dragon hunters that were responsible for numerous deaths. Because of this, they were labeled as demonic murderers.


Dwarves are short, but they have incredible strength. They live in tunnels and mines and are at home in rocky mountain areas.