ArcheAge Primer – Everything You Need to Know

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ArcheAge is an ambitious, highly anticipated, sandbox style MMORPG with a pirate theme in which players will have the ability to explore the fascinating world of Eranor. This vast world consists of three continents, Haranva to the east, Nuia to the west, and Auroria to the north. The two lower islands are designated for PVE, while the middle continent is specifically for PVP.

The ancient Eranor races once lived on a single continent and thrived together, but for some unknown reason, they had to flee east and west forming the two factions that are at war with each other today. As you begin the game, two thousand years have passed, and you must find out what happened. ArcheAge has four different races that call Eranor their home, the Nuian, the Elves, the Firran and the Harani.

ArcheAge Races

The Nuians are a spiritual people whose lives revolve around the Goddess of the Hereafter, Nui. They fight fearlessly to conquer and maintain the traditions that brought them to power. Due to their spiritual ties, a Nuian who visits the Hereafter receives extra stat benefits. Players can of course buy cheap ArcheAge gold from to get the best items and gear.

The Elves are a very secluded race, often found hiding in the forests. They are a race that thrives on combat, often seeking out dangers regardless of the odds against them. Spending most of their lifetime near Gweonid Lake, most Elves are excellent swimmers, able to swim faster and longer than most other races.

The Firran are a nomadic tribe that roams the wilds hoping to reclaim their former glory. They believe every soul has a purpose and they strive to find theirs. Firran use their quick reflexes and claws to improve their climbing ability.

The Harani are a cunning bunch capable of extreme heroics in the interest of their people and their survival. They settle in the Jungles of Mahadevi learning to become more efficient, the gathering ability comes more naturally to them than it does for other races.

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ArcheAge Classes

ArcheAge characters do not have set classes. Classes are formed by forging together the skill sets of ten different options that in time can all be mastered. At level ten, you will gain the ability to mix and match the skill sets, combining three into your very own unique class, allowing players a huge degree of freedom. Players can choose between the following skill sets.

• Sorcery
• Archery
• Battlerage
• Vitalism
• Occultism
• Shadowplay
• Songcraft
• Witchcraft
• Auramancy
• Defense

ArcheAge Gameplay

Designed as a true sandbox MMO, the gameplay underpinning ArcheAge has been designed to be fluid and easy to get into. The game features amazing graphics and wonderful effects that help bring the rich lore to life. Each player has their own farm plot that they can place anywhere in the world and grow food, raise animals and harvest materials for weapons and armor. Anyone can come and steal the things on your farm so be ready to fight for them, be sure to buy cheap ArcheAge gold from EpicToon so that you have the best weapons and items possible. One of the most thrilling, heart pounding experiences is participating in an epic guild war fighting over territory you wish to claim.

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Whether crafting your own supplies or pillaging them, take a journey with friends across the great waters and explore what is waiting for you in Eronar.