FIFA 15 Early Impressions

EA Canada have been on quite an impressive roll with FIFA for a few years now. Yes, EA Canada, what, you had no idea football and poutine shared something in common, did you?


So yes, EA have been knocking it out of the park with the FIFA franchise lately, outfoxing old rivals, Konami right at the start of the PS3/360 generation, and they never let up. However, with this year’s PES being getting a total overhaul, powered by their new FOX Engine tech, this year’s FIFA would have to be something really special to stay ahead of the pack. With the demo only recently put up for download, we got a chance to give it a test drive. So how does it play?

The first thing you’ll notice about FIFA 15 is how vastly improved the presentation is, even over last year’s effort. Every Premier League stadium is represented in exquisite detail. Tons of players have had their faces scanned in 3D, allowing for life-like in-game counterparts. Animations are smoother and blended together better, the pitch cuts up and divots appear as the match wears on. FIFA has always been a good looking game, but FIFA 15 takes the visuals to a whole new level.


The new visuals go beyond just making the game look better though. The smoother animations mean the passing game feels more fluid and natural. Players jostle and tug shirts, the ball physics are greatly improved, and updates have been made to defensive tactics (such as during corners and free kicks), and keeper’s seem to be a lot more intelligent.

FIFA Ultimate Team mode. It’s back, it’s purportedly better than ever, but there’s no gameplay included in the free demo. As will all previous versions of Ultimate Team, you’ll be able to buy and sell players to create, well… your ultimate team. Racking up the coins to do so is no easy task, so of course you can buy cheap FIFA Ultimate Team coins from us here at ET.

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