Destiny: Bungie’s Ground-Breaking New MMOFPS

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Destiny Lore – Ambitious, Mysterious, Incredibly Cool

In a chaotic, post-apocalyptic future, where mankind’s influence lays scattered across the far reaches of outer space, it’s up to the Guardians to defend Earth, the last safe haven of humanity, from an onslaught of vicious aliens… the Darkness. For seven hundred years prior, mankind experienced a Golden Age of peace, technological advancement, and space exploration. Human colonies were established all over the solar system and thrived until a cataclysmic event known as “The Collapse” nearly wiped out humanity. Now, amidst the ruins of an empire, it is the duty of the chosen few to save mankind from extinction. Aided by the “The Light”, a mysterious power bestowed upon the Guardians by a benevolent, roaming celestial body known as “The Traveler”, they must take back their home from the clutches of alien invaders, or face utter annihilation.

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“Destiny” is Bungie’s latest high-octane sci-fi first person shooter developed for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 scheduled for release on 9/9/14. Destiny explores a revolutionary platform as a MMO (Massive Multilayer Online)style FPS. But unlike traditional MMO’s, Destiny’s online aspect is filtered through an on-the-fly matchmaking system that links players across the one worldwide server according to their stage in the game. Bungie claims this “hopper” style matchmaking will provide for a more natural and seamless online experience. Parties are organized into strike-teams of three assisted by a floating AI voiced by Peter Dinklage.

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The game focuses on the mission of the Guardians, a group of intergalactic soldiers charged with the salvation of mankind. Guardians are divided into three playable races: Humans, Awoken (elflike, ethereal humanoids), and Exo (humanoid machines). Race differences are purely cosmetic, and Destiny offers many ways to further customize character appearance. In addition, players select a type of Guardian: Hunter (reconnaissance-based shooter), Warlock (hybrid shooter imbued with magical powers), or Titan (tank-like shooter with melee capabilities). Within each class players choose a “focus”, or sub-class, that gives them access to a talent-tree offering unique and customizable skills and abilities at each level. Focus determines the most about a character’s play-style, but can be swapped out at will.

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The playable area of Destiny is vast and rich with stunning graphics in 1080p. It is an “open-style” world with ample regions to explore such as the dense jungles of Venus, the ruins of civilization on Mars, and Earth’s moon now infested by the Hive. Players traverse an expansive universe whose environment actually shifts in permanent ways in response to how players interact with it. There are opportunities to upgrade gear and weaponry every step along the way, and players engage in a real-time economy driven by the online community. Destiny is an exciting, dynamic installment by Bungie that offers players a complex world as wide as it is addictive.