ArcheAge – The Ultimate Preview


A new Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) has been attracting a lot of attention lately. The game, Archeage, draws upon the successful formulas of previous MMOs while adding a ton of new content players have been excited for. The concept of the game follows a storyline published in a set of Korean novels. This story has been redone in stunning graphics and has recently been made playable in the West. The game, presently seeing constant improvement through the use of its Alpha and closed Betas, appears to be the MMO we have been waiting years for.

ArcheAge Races
The game follows the story of four races interacting over three continents. Each of the races hail from a different region, and brings with them unique skills to the fray. The races are: Nuians, Elves, Firran, and Harani.

  •     The Nuians are known to worship their Goddess Nui and are located on the Western continent. This race excels at building towns and fortifications and also gains bonuses following resurrections.
  •     The Elves prefer to seclude themselves in the forests of the Western continent. They exhibit prowess in swimming and can move faster and hold their breath longer while in water.
  •     The Firran are nomads of the Eastern continent. Their honed reflexes gives them reduced damage from falling and faster speed when climbing.
  •     The Harani live out of their kingdom to the East. Their kingdom’s portals increase the frequency that the Harani can travel, and their efficient laboring has lead to shorter times in logging and gathering.

ArcheAge Classes
Archeage utilizes a class system based upon ‘skillsets’. These skillsets represent combat training in various fields. Starting the game, you follow a basic progression of abilities until you reach level 10. That’s when Archeage’s skillset system really begins to shine. At level 10, you can select three of the six primary skill sets to incorporate into your character. These options include: Battlerage, Sorcery, Archery, Vitalism, Occultism, and Shadowplay. This gives you the option to create a ton of custom classes that really feel unique to your character.


ArcheAge Gameplay
Gameplay in Archeage centers around combat. The combat operates on general MMO controls. Players learn spells and ability through their skill sets that can be used in various real-time encounters. Players are not limited to just fighting NPCs, however. Player versus Player combat is also included in the game upon release. Large scale battles between factions can actually lead to world-changing events!

In addition to the combat, however, players can create personal housing and farming plots. Farming is available to all players from launch. The personal farming plot is used to collect resources for various crafting professions. It is even possible to raise livestock within their farming plot. Personal housing is limited to those individuals who have earned contributor status. These players will be able to create homes located in the open-world game. This means that land plots in game are an extremely valuable and limited commodity. If you want to excel, be sure to pick up some cheap ArcheAge gold at!