Gloria Victis Preview – Would You Do Anything to Win?


Getting player attention in the MMORPG genre is no easy task, as some of the biggest names in the industry continue to release new games, updates and expansions. The team at Black Eye Games, however, are taking a different approach. Their highly-anticipated release of Gloria Victis presents a completely different style of MMO, aimed at players that have been on the hunt for a unique experience in the genre, something new and fresh that they can really sink their teeth into.

Basic Gameplay
Gloria Victis is a massive online roleplaying game in which players create a combat or non-combat character with which to travel a world closely based on 11th century Europe. While many of the countries and locations have been altered, the style of combat, level of technology, and the struggles all parallel the  violent, gritty and dark struggles of the period.


Combat and Crafting
One of Gloria Victis’ most unique aspects is the combat system, thanks to its use of non-targeting and non-homing system. Instead of the game automatically locking in range, stance, and direction, players will have full control of every aspect of combat. Different weapons have different ranges while players will have to carefully upgrade their stats and their tactics as they search for more competitive gameplay.

The crafting skillsets are just as complex and include options such as engineering, crafting jewelry, husbandry, cooking, forging, locksmithing, and much more. As players carry out these actions, their character will naturally progress and their skills will become invaluable to other players.


Lore and Religion
While the religions and countries do deviate from real-world history, in-game spirituality has been based on a number of  real-world religions, and a player’s characters will have the ability to immerse themselves in the rich history that has been created by the team at Black Eye Studios. As players carry out more difficult and complex quests, they will often find themselves facing moral and ethical choices. These choices will not only help them to add depth to their character and their character’s alliances, it will also affect how they deal with NPCs throughout the game.

The alliances and warfare between the nations is closely tied to characters throughout the game and how they interact with one another. Each nation has its own unique culture ranging from complex mysticism to nations interested in nothing more than continual warfare.


A Complete Package
Gloria Victis does have features similar to previous titles in the genre, but the team at Black Eye Studios has created a compelling and unique package. Players will immediately find themselves in a world that is not only dynamic and beautifully constructed, but one in which it seems the possibilities are endless and diverse.