WoW News and The Formula to Life

Was clicking through the TV late last night (100 channels and nothing on!) and happened upon this “life coach” (or mebbe it was one of them late-night preachers, or maybe it was an academic discussing the Drake Equation, I’m not entirely sure) who promised to reveal The Formula to Life. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before the big reveal (it was mucho boring, to say the least), so I guess I’ll just have to bumble along, clueless as before.

Hey, we can make our own formulas, right?

Land of Pandaria + Arrival of Armies = Landfall

Patch 5.1: Landfall, the first major content patch of Mists of Pandaria has been released. Invading armies of theAllianceand the Horde have reached the heretofore unseen continent and the battle for Pandaria begins!

Let’s unwrap this gift of a patch and see what’s inside:

-new daily quests, special quests, and a Legendary quest
-new Reputations: Operation Shieldwall (Alliance) and Dominance Offensive (guess who)
-direct equipment upgrades
-Brawler’s Guild (use WoW gold to buy invites at the AH)
-class changes
-new Battle-stones to upgrade battle pets
-new seed for Sunsong Ranch
-five new Scenarios (two each forAllianceand Horde, and one neutral)
-and more! Updates on raids, dungeons, PvP, professions and the UI

Read the patch notes here.
Get the latest hotfixes here.

Cuteness + Charity = Cinder Kitten

The Cinder Kitten pet is now available! Adopt one of these balls of cuteness and Blizzard will donate all proceeds (the entire $10 purchase price) to the Red Cross disaster relief fund for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

It’s really great of Blizzard to always be so generous—they sold a Cenarion Hatchling for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that hitJapanin 2011, and they’ve made massive donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well. Hats off to you! And hats off to WoW’s generous community for supporting Blizz’s charitable endeavors.

Get the Cinder Kitten at the Blizzard Store.
Read more details about Cinder Kitten.

$25 minus 50% = WoW Mount Sale

If you’re going to buy the Cinder Kitten (and you are, right?), mosey on over to the mounts section of the Blizz Store as well and take a gander at the WoW mounts on sale.

For this week only, the Winged Guardian, Heart of the Aspects and the Celestial Steed are on sale at 50% discount! For those who are division-challenged, that’s $12.50 per mount.

The sale ends December 10, 11:59 p.m. PST.

Darkmoon Carousel Ride = (XP + Reputation) x 10%

Been to this month’s Faire yet? Take your stash of cheap WoW gold and check out this month’s offerings—darkmoon trinkets, treats, the (relatively) new Darkmoon cards, and a new bonus!

WoW Insider reports that getting on the merry-go-round grants a buff called WHEE! that increases XP and reputation by 10%. If you’re too cool to ride one of them merry-go-critters, just stand near the carousel and you’ll still get the buff.