MMO News: Info Overload Edition

Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone, but the holiday ain’t over yet. There’s shopping to be done, leftovers to eat, family drama to unfold, games to catch up on, and even more family drama to come. (For those who can’t stand another moment of family togetherness, here’s a handy list of chores that may be used as alternatives to family bonding.)

In my mad rush to catch up on as many games as possible, I’ve learned a few new bits from some of our favorite games:

Right on the heels of Game Update 1.5 and the launch of the free-to-play option comes word that SWTOR Game Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate is being tested on the PTS.

Ditto TSW. Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple has barely gotten out of the starter gate and Game Director Joel Bylos is already talking Issue #5!

Over on FFXIV, Gridania has undergone a complete overhaul. Check out the new (improved?) Gridania in the video below:

Not to be outdone, NC soft has released a behemoth of a trailer that’s billed as “a glimpse of a possible future” that “combines the ever-epic battle style with the new server wars concept [that] gives us a look into the minds of the developers and how truly grand Lineage II can be.”

It’s been ten days since RIFT: Storm Legion has come out. In a nutshell: new level cap is 60 (from 50), there are a couple of new continents and 4 new souls, the game world size has tripled, and currency is still Rift plat.

Arriving December 4th, the newest EVE Online expansion, Retribution, features new ships (a new destroyer and ORE mining frigate for each class) plus rebalances to old the older ships, and interstellar law enforcement via the new Crimewatch.

If you didn’t already know, with the release of the Riders of Rohan expansion, LotRO may now be played on a Mac.

Even though GW2’s The Lost Shores wasn’t quite the success AreaNet hoped it’d be, the new fractal dungeon totally rocks.

Oh and RuneScape’s major patch, Evolution of Combat, is now live, with One-Click Combat and a cool new dragon crossbow.

It would’ve been awesome to end with a super scoop and tell you the release date of WoW’s patch 5.1, but alas, no word on that yet. Stand by with your WoW gold, because my spidey senses (and a look at the forums) tell me that release is imminent.