Gaming News: Virtuous Edition

Patience is a virtue. Or so we’re told to ward off our impulse for instant gratification, or so we won’t get pissed while waiting for something that’s taking a freaking long time. Check out this list of virtues and see how many of them you have. (Apparently, yours truly isn’t very virtuous.)

SWTOR Free-to-Play & Game Update 1.5

After months of waiting (Patience is a virtue!), we’re told that two major SWTOR events are launching on November 15—the free-to-play option, and Game Update 1.5!

According to Lead Designer Damion Schubert, there are two core rules their team took into consideration when designing the free-to-play option:

(1) Players should be able to reach level 50 without paying a cent.

You might have to spend some SWTOR credits, though. You’ll get access to all story content, free. The team issued a few caveats: f2p players won’t earn XP as quickly as those with subscriptions, and access to certain aspects of the game will be restricted.

(2) Subscribers should not experience any degradation of their gameplay experience.

According to Schubert, if you already have a subscription, you’ll “still get the same gameplay experience and you won’t find anything taken away from you and the gameplay that you currently enjoy.”

Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated brings us the long-awaited, much-coveted new companion, HK-51! A long-lost shipment of these efficient, stalwart killing machines will be discovered, and after some assembly (including an intergalactic hunt for some needed spare parts), you’ll get your very own assassin droid!

In the new update you’ll also get to practice the virtue of courage as you face down the Dread Masters on Section X in Belsavis. (No doubt your courage will be greatly bolstered by that assassin droid standing beside you.) Also featured will be Operation: Explosive Conflict in Nightmare mode and the new Cartel Market.

FFXIV Shutdown

If we’ve been moderately virtuous during the wait for SWTOR f2p, then we’ve been positively heroic in our two-year wait for the reboot of FFXIV! Today, November 11th, the servers will be shut down (but should be back up a couple of days later, for players who wish to continue playing this iteration of the game).  A Realm Reborn will launch this winter.

Yoshi-P will have another Letter from the Producer Live session to answer all your questions about the shutdown and the re-launch. Post your questions on this designated thread on the official FFXIV forums.

To those ragging on the reboot when it hasn’t even launched yet: let’s give the game a fair shake, shall we? And pass judgment after we’ve seen it. After all, fair-mindedness is a virtue.

WoW Charity Drive

Generosity too is a virtue. Out of the unfortunate devastation wrought by HurricaneSandycomes heartwarming stories of people reaching out to help neighbors, friends, strangers who were affected by the superstorm.

Blizzard has initiated a charity drive forSandy’s victims. It will sell a Cinder Kitten pet and donate the whole $10 purchase price to the Red Cross relief efforts. Way to go, Blizz! The Cinder Kitten isn’t up for sale yet, but we’re told that it will be available sometime before the year ends. Can’t wait. J

And finally, practice the virtue of frugality and get your cheap WoW gold from EpicToon!