Halloween Celebrations for WoW, GW2, TSW

The air’s nippy and our favorite game worlds are bedecked in creepy-festive décor. This can only mean one thing, Halloween is coming! Get your plastic pumpkin buckets, take out your stash of WoW gold and join us as we go trick or treating in Azeroth, Tyria and um, the World.

WoW: Hallow’s End (October 18-31)

Halloween is about fun frights and candy, and there’s plenty of both at Hallow’s End. There are buckets of candy all over Azeroth—help yourself, but don’t be surprised if you get turned into a bat, a skeleton or some other creature. Yup, there are tricks in the buckets as well!

As part of the celebrations, at regular intervals, Lady Sylvannas and Genn Greymane will set special Wickermen on fire for their respective factions. If you’ve always wanted you very own Wickerman, you can buy a toy version, Little Wickerman, whose flame can be used for cooking! Trés cool! (Or should I say hot?)

If you’re feeling especially brave, gather four of your fellow revelers and pick a fight with the Headless Horseman. Should you successfully take him down, you’ll each get a Loot-Filled Pumpkin, which just might contain the Horseman’s mount—the Horseman’s Reins!

More seasonal treats are available from vendors. Use Tricky Treats or WoW gold for purchases.

Horror meter*: One out of five pumpkins. Even with the Headless Horseman, it’s pretty benign.

GW2: Shadow of the Mad King (October 22-31)

Mad King Thorn was a bad, bad king. According to grisly legend, half a millennium ago, when his people had had enough of his cruel, insane reign, they killed the Mad King, chopped him into bitty pieces—I said it was grisly—and banished his spirit to the Underworld. He’s allowed one day a year to return to this mortal coil. Guess which day that is…

Horror meter: Three pumpkins. It hasn’t been released yet, but based on that trailer alone, it warrants at least three!

The Secret World Halloween Event (October 18-November 1)

“TSW Halloween Event” seems kinda redundant, right? The game is already spooky to begin with, so how much scarier can it get? Lots! I got three words for ya: The. Cat. God.

Take on two new missions and experience bone-chilling adventures in amazing locations. But it’s not all heavy, doom and gloom stuff. There’s witty dialogue and lots of fun activities as well. There are potions, buffs and magical items that do… magical things!

Horror meter: Four and a half pumpkins. The Cat God is s***-your-pants scary.

*Horror meter rates the scariness factor of these Halloween celebrations, on a scale of one pumpkin (not so scary) to five pumpkins (not for sissies). The ratings are for atmospherics alone, not gameplay or combat.