MMO News: No Pandas, Part 2

As part of our continuing effort to feature smaller games, here are updates to Aion, STO and FFXI.


It’s been three years since Aion launched in NA. As part of the celebrations, update 3.5 Tiamat’s Ruin is now live, and a slew of new content is waiting for you! There are two new instances, Tiamat’s Stronghold and Dragon Lord’s Refuge (plus a couple of cooldown scrolls for each instance), new mounts and cool new items at the Black Cloud Marketplace.

The update also introduces two new arenas: Arena of Harmony (three 2-man teams face off for AP, Crucible Insignias, and access to Arena of Glory; and Arena of Glory (championship battles for a maximum of four players who’ll compete for Mithril and Plat medals, Glorious Insignias, and Abyss Points).

Wanna be a ninja? Stock up on Aion kinah, ‘cause on October 17th two new outfits and ten weapon skins will be available! For the first time, North American customers will get their hands on new gear first, even ahead of their Korean counterparts.

Star Trek Online

There’s a sale on STO lifetime subscriptions! The sale will last until November 12th, 12:00 noon PDT. Not only will you save $100 on the lifetime sub, you’ll also get automatic access to Veteran Rewards. You can use all your savings to lug in a bigger haul of Star Trek Online credits.

Speaking of Veteran Rewards, the first batch of players who joined the program have reached the 1000-day milestone and will be receiving the following drool-worthy rewards:

  • Exclusive Veteran Starships:
    • Chimera Heavy Destroyer (Federation)
    • Peghqu’ Heavy Destroyer (Klingon)
  • New titles:
    • Starfleet Veteran (Fed)
    • Empire Veteran (KDF)
  • Free StarshipLot
  • Exclusive Forum Titles

In still more STO news, this week Priority One features an enlightening interview with Lead Writer Christine Thompson (aka Cryptic Kestrel).

Final Fantasy XI

It’s time once again to break out your scariest (or funniest!) costume for the FFXI Harvest Festival! For the ultimate monster costume, visit your friendly neighborhood NPC costume merchant, give him/her a treat (maybe some FFXI gil?) and you might walk off with an awesome monster or beastman costume.

The Wake of the Lilies exorcists will be at the festival, look for them in select locations: Gertrude in Northern San d’Oria (D-8), Brian in Bastok Markets (G-8), Roger in Windurst Waters (north) (F-5).

Many other goodies can be found at the festival! Buy seasonal treats from select stalls, and get new lanterns from each of the nations.

The Harvest Festival will begin October 18th 1:00 a.m. PDT and run until November 1st 1:00a.m. PDT.