MMO News: No Pandas Edition

We cover a lot of games here at EpicToon. Sometimes (alright, oftentimes!) mega titles like WoW, SWTOR and GW2 eclipse the smaller games. To address this injustice—sorry, your honor; I plead guilty as charged—in the next couple of posts we’ll show some love for games that don’t have pandas in them.

The Secret World

Joel Bylos, the newly ascended Game Director for TSW, has released a letter to fans, detailing his plans for the down-but-not-out MMO.  Quick backgrounder on Joel: he was Lead Content Designer on TSW, before taking over Game Director duties from Ragnar Tornquist (who remains Creative Director.) Prior to that, Joel was Lead Designer for Rise of the Godslayer expansion for Age of Conan.

So what’s coming up for TSW? Joel says his mission is to “to make sure that TSW becomes the game we all want it to be,” adding

First and foremost I need to provide our players with good, solid content updates on a regular basis, just as we have released three substantial updates since launch. I also need to do everything in my power to convince thousands of gamers out there who still have not played ‘The Secret World’ that this is a universe worth immersing yourself in.

He then goes on to tease the upcoming Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple, which introduces TSW’s first raid, a new auxiliary weapon: the Chainsaw (no word on how much TSW gold it’ll cost, though), and reticule combat!


Lots of things have happened in TERA since The Argon Queen was unleashed:

About two weeks ago, Patch 18.10.04 went live, and brought with it the return of crafting quests, nexus events and a bunch of fixes (notably, progression issues with quests Natural Wonders and Talk Like a Pirate Day).

Two new factions have been added: Hands of Velika (rewards powerful crystals, sells headgear for a reasonable amount of TERA gold, gives 24 quests) and Hyderdad Legacy (promotes harmony and symbiosis, gives 17 quests).

The last two official province game guides (for Helkan District and Val Kaeli) have been completed, so you can now go trekking inNorthern Shara. Watch out for Big-Ass Monsters, though.


Instead of me extolling the virtues of Rift plat and telling you about the awesome new Storm Legion expansion, go see the awesomeness of the new dimensions for yourself:

Up next: updates on Aion, Star Trek Online and FFXI