Mists of Pandaria is Live!

Houston, we are go for launch! Mists of Pandaria is now live in the North and Latin American realms! (It went live in the EU a few hours prior. To our friends who will be playing on Korean/Taiwanese realms, hold on to your Warcraft gold just a wee bit longer, MoP will go live at midnight KST, September 27.)

The party is still going on! Watch the live stream.

No doubt you have a few questions about how the launch will go down. Blizzard CM Zarhym has done a “Carnac” and anticipated your questions. Here’s his post from the official WoW forums:

As soon as we activate the new expansion content on launch, players who already have a Mists of Pandaria license with the data installed will gain instant access. If you’re in the game when the clock strikes midnight, you don’t even have to logout!

So, what happens at midnight for those of us with Mists ready to go?

  • A yellow System Message will appear in your Chat Log telling you to visit Orgrimmar or Stormwind to start your travels.
  • Level-85 characters will receive a new quest, no matter where they are in the world, which will guide them to Varian or Garrosh for further orders. If you’re online at midnight you will receive the quest even if your Quest Log is full — or you can visit Varian or Garrosh to get started on your journey to Pandaria.
  • Level-85 players will notice their experience bars automatically change so that experience can once again be earned.
  • Players who are at the Character Creation screen at midnight will notice the button to create a pandaren character will be enabled. (Reminder: This also applies to players who don’t have a Mists of Pandaria license, as all races are now included with a base copy of World of Warcraft.)
  • Players who are at the Character Creation screen at midnight will notice the button to create a monk character will be enabled.


We’re sure you’re excited to check out the new expansion, but please be patient in case you encounter bugs or have difficulty logging in. Make like a Monk and harness your inner strength, and do not lose your cool. Think happy thoughts of Pet Battles, shiny WoW gold, new zones, dungeons and battlegrounds.