MMO News Roundup

For this week’s MMO news roundup, we’ve got news on GW2 sales figures, a very special pet sale on WoW, new SWTOR server technology, and more!

(Speaking out roundups, wasn’t the theme to Woody’s Roundup just the coolest?)

GW2 tops 2 million copies

In a press release dated September 13th, NCsoft announced that over 2 million copies of Guild Wars 2 have been sold! This milestone was reached soon after sales of the game resumed. (Digital sales were halted for 10 days while game infrastructure was strengthened to accommodate the flood of players rushing to the game.)

“Reactions from around the world justified the time and care we put into developing Guild Wars 2 and making it into the game it is today”, said Mike O’Brien, president and co-founder of ArenaNet. “And this is only the beginning. We’re continually fine-tuning the game to deliver the polished experience that our players expect, and we’re already working on new adventures and experiences to introduce into this truly dynamic online world.”

Congrats to NCsoft, ArenaNet and to all players of this truly amazing game!

Guild Wars 2 gold is available from EpicToon.

Pandaren Monk for sale!

Continuing its weekend sales promos, Blizzard is now offering the Pandaren Monk pet for $5 only! That’s 50% off the regular price. (Which, as Captain Obvious helpfully points out, was originally $10. Thanks, cappy.) This pet is the ultimate companion for adventuring in Pandaria.

Purchase the pet at the official Blizzard Store. The sale lasts until September 17, 2012 11:59 p.m. PDT.

WoW Patch 5.0.5 released

A new pre-Pandaria patch (plus hotfixes to the patch) has been released. Here are patch notes affecting the various classes:

• Many tooltips have been corrected to account for recent class balance adjustments.
• Druid: The 25% speed increase granted by Cat Form should no longer stack with the speed increase of Dash.
• Hunter: All hunter aspects have been removed from the global cooldown, and they again share a 1 second category cooldown
• Paladin: Holy Shock’s base damage has been reduced, and its spellpower coefficient has been increased.
• Warlock: Havoc’s cooldown has been reduced from 45 to 25 seconds. The missile effect of Chaos Wave should no longer display erratically when cast on a moving target.

SWTOR tests high population server technology

In a bid to improve gaming experience for its players, SWTOR has begun testing a new high population server tech. A new PTS has temporarily been created and copies of characters from all East Coast servers were pasted on to it. If you play on any of those servers, here’s how you can start playing and help test the new tech:
• Log in to the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ launcher using your username and password.
• Click “Play” to launch the game.
• Click the Server Selection button in the bottom left corner of the character creation screen.
• Select the following server: “High Population Server Test”
• Click Select.
• Review your characters for any issues and click “Play”.

Fan Favorite Reward

Still on SWTOR, Facebook fans have voted for the reward that subscribers (as of Aug 1st) will receive when SWTOR starts its Free-to-Play option. It’s… the Party Jawa! Meh. We had our fingers crossed for the Carbonite Freezer (that would have been way cooler! Like zero Kelvin cool!), but I suppose this little party guy ain’t so bad. (Just don’t unleash him on me or I swear I’ll stick him in the freezer!) Now if they’d just offer the Carbonite Freezer for sale in-game (name your price, Bioware! We’ve got SWTOR credits to spare!), all will be forgiven.