New content previews for SWTOR, TSW, TERA

There’s nothing quite like a good thrill ride. Whether it’s the riding the 456-ft tall Kingda Ka rollercoaster in Six Flags, NJ, watching (or reading) The Shining, or stepping onto Deathwing’s lair, there’s something primal and exhilarating about scaring the bejeesus out of yourself (in a safe, controlled, setting, I mean).

Prepare to be terrified as we look at spooky updates, horrifying encounters and otherworldly colossi coming your way (or in the case of TSW, already live) from three of the top MMOs around.


Operation: Terror from Beyond

Your mission, or rather operation, should you choose to accept it, is to pack your SWTOR credits and gear and head on to the planet Asation, battle your way through “untold horrors” that the Dread Masters have let pass through the Hypergate, and deactivate the Hypergate.

Sounds simple, right? Not so much, young Padawan. Five major bosses stand in your way, with the final one being of epic –Epic! the devs tell us– proportions. Also being teased is the presence of a “familiar face” that won’t be pleased to see you.  (Hmmmm, Darth Malgus, perchance?)

Terror from Beyond will be part of SWTOR game update 1.4. (No release date announced yet.)


Content Update #2: Digging Deeper

Originally scheduled for an August 28th release, TSW’s second issue has been moved back two weeks because of the recent upheavals at Funcom (specifically, layoffs and restructuring).

In his August “State of the Game” post, Ragnar Tornquist assures players that the future of TSW is far from bleak, and promises “We’re going to keep doing what we’re good at. We’ll continue to push the boundaries, and we’ll keep reinventing the wheel (quite literally).”

(Aside: Did Ragnar take a swipe at Mists of Pandaria? Read his entire missive here.)

What spooky new delights are coming in issue #2? In a nutshell: a rocket launcher, seven new abilities, new facial features (initial changes are free, subsequent ones can be bought with TSW gold), new hairstyles and facial hair (again for purchase with TSW gold), a slew of hair-raising new missions, and Nightmare modes for two dungeons – The Facility and Hell Eternal.

Digging Deeper goes live on September 11th.


The Argon Queen

Patch 18.10.03, The Argon Queen, is now live. Are you ready for an audience with Her Majesty? Queen Shandra Manaya awaits your presence.

What new goodies are in the patch? New battlegrounds (first to 5,000 points or whoever has the most points when time’s up wins), new raids (needs at least two party members; up to 20 players in groups of 5; raid-only chat is available), new max-level instances (Argron Corpus, Manaya’s Core, Sirjuka Gallery), lots of class changes, new high-level items, and of course, the chillingly evil Queen of the Argons herself.

Get the full patch notes here.