Guild Wars 2 News: GW2 Gold, Sales Figures, Bans, Account Security

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Let me say this right off the bat: Guild Wars 2 is not a race to level cap. It’s about savoring the moment and enjoying every detail of every second you’re logged in to the game. This is our imperative for selling GW2 gold: it’s not an affront to gamers and game developers, it’s a boon to those who’d rather play than grind.

Facts and Sales Figures

Had any sleep yet? I know some people who’ve barely slept since the launch of Guild Wars 2. So many things to do, places to explore, enemies to fight, GW2 gold to spend.

Less than a week into the release of GW2, many MMO players, vets and newcomers alike, are smitten with the game’s gorgeous vistas, dynamic events, and unique gameplay, robust GW2 gold-based economy. By all accounts, the much-awaited game is as [insert superlative here] as we thought it would be.

With over one million copies pre-purchased and 400,000 peak concurrent users (PCU), it’s safe to say that (for the most part) it was a successful launch. So successful, in fact, that in an interview with Mike O’Brien, ArenaNet president, said that if sales continue this way, they might need to “turn off sales” rather than risk overstressing the servers. He clarifies:

“If it gets to the point where sales are so high that it would be unwise of us to keep selling on our website because it wouldn’t leave enough slots for all the people who’ve already bought and all the people we know are going to buy, then we’d just turn off sales.

That would be a shocking thing to do, obviously — not something that you ever see in the games industry — but for me it’s an easy decision, because for me, Guild Wars 2 is a long-term project. I want players to keep having a great experience, and I know if we had to turn off sales temporarily, it’d be okay.”

Clarification on Bans

ArenaNet has also banned some accounts for offensive names and inappropriate language. In a post on Reddit, the ArenaNet Support Team clarifies their policy:

We want to clear up some of the confusion about GW2 name and behavior suspensions. To keep Guild Wars 2 a pleasant place to be, we take action against racist names, hate speech, and other unacceptable behavior. We have suspended some accounts involved in the use of offensive character names or inappropriate chat. The number of account blocks is miniscule: less than .001% of our total player base.

Hacks and Phishing Attacks

A number of GW2 players have been targets of a phising scam. ArenaNet would like to reiterate, once again, for the nth time, that they would NEVER ask for your password or account information via email. From the official site:

The security team at ArenaNet is working on a number of measures to help protect your account, but there are some steps you can take to make your account as secure as possible, including:

  • Always use a strong password that is unique to your Guild Wars 2 account.
  • Set up Guild Wars Account E-mail Authentication when it becomes available.
  • Whenever possible, only check your e-mails from a trusted device.

More Guild Wars 2 new and tips to come! Buy Guild Wars 2 gold from EpicToon!