Races in Guild Wars 2: Norn, Charr, Human

As we count down to the Headstart access (less than two days remaining!) for Guild Wars 2, we continue our exploration of all things Tyria: races, professions, gameplay, tactics, GW2 gold.

This is the second of two posts on the Races of Tyria. Read the first part here.

The Norn

Shape-shifter. Barbarian. Hunter. The norn are all these, and more. The brave norn once thrived in the frozen tundra of the north, but were driven south by the Elder Dragon Jormag. Guided by the Spirits of the Wild (Wolf, Raven, Bear, Snow Leopard), the statuesque hunters made their way south to the Shiverpeaks, which they now call home.

Norn gear and armor are designed to ward off the brutal cold while providing protection in battle. GW2 gold will get you the best thermal gear for your norn.

There are many threats to the norn’s existence – the wild beasts that make their home in the Shiverpeaks, Jormag’s cronies bent on destruction, and their fellow norn who have chosen to follow the dark path to the Dragon.

Playing a norn:

Pick a Spirit of the Wild: you can choose to have the power of Bear, the cunning of Snow Leopard, the pack instincts of Wolf or the intelligence of Raven.

Watch the norn opening cinematic below:

The Humans

Some say the humans of Tyria are a dying race. After a vicious, hard-fought war, humans yielded the kingdom of Ascalon to the charr. Then the Elder Dragon Zhaitan caused a tsunami that wiped out the city of Lion’s Arch. But the human spirit is resilient: survivors built a new capital city, Divinity’s Reach, in Kryta.

Divinity’s Reach is the pinnacle of human achievement, with a robust economy rooted in GW2 gold. The fortified city offers shelter from external threats to humans: roaming bandits and wild beasts; but within the city wall lies a different kind of threat, borne of squabbles and petty human folly.

Although the Six Gods have seemingly abandoned humans, people continue to venerate their chosen deities.

Playing a human:

As in real life (or so I heard) there are three basic social classes: high society, middle class, poor. Unlike real life, here you get to choose which class you’d like to be. All classes can own as much Guild Wars 2 gold as they want.

View the human intro below:

The Charr

To be blunt: this is the badass race of Guild Wars 2. Artisans of war, the charr live and breathe for battle. These ruthless warriors aim to win at all costs. Victory is their goal: not money, not Guild Wars 2 gold, not even glory.

The charr are vicious, brutal and prone to violence. Although they strike fear in the hearts of their enemies, members of this feline race can be loyal allies.

Charr society is militaristic, with the Legion being the highest form of organization. There are four High Legions, each with its own specialization and goals.

Having regained dominion over their ancient land of Ascalon, the charr nevertheless have an unsteady grip on the city. Threats to the charr include ghostly warriors out for revenge; the Flame Legion, a band of charr outcasts who seek to usurp the other three Legions. The ultimate threat to the charr, however, is the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik.

Playing a charr:

Sign up for membership with one of the Legions:
Iron Legion – makers of war gear and weapons
Ash Legion – spies and tactical experts
Blood Legion – warriors and battle tacticians

Check out the charr cinematic below: