Races in Guild Wars 2: the Sylvari and the Asura

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There are five playable races in Guild Wars 2. Today we focus on two of them.

The Sylvari

Arguably the most intriguing race in Guild Wars 2, the sylvari are newcomers to Tyria. They have only been up and about for 25 years. (Use GW2 gold to trick out your “young” sylvari with cool gear from the online gem store.)

The sylvari, as a race, are of unknown provenance, but we do know they are “born” from the puissant Pale Tree. (Aside on the Pale Tree: it looms literally into the sky, providing shelter to the sylvari community who live in the Grove, the sylvari capital city.)

The sylvari are classified according to the time of day they awaken, fully formed, from the Pale Tree. The sylvari look human, (or humanoid at the very least), but they appear to be made of plant parts like leaves, tendrils of vine and other fibrous plant-y material. (Imagine Shylock as a sylvari: “If you cut us, do we not bleed?” Methinks not, sire, ‘cause you probably have xylem and phloem instead of veins and arteries! While you’re at it, imagine having to borrow a pound of Guild Wars 2 gold from Master Shylock. “Hath a dog GW2 gold? Is it possible a cur can lend three thousand GW2 gold?”)

Playing a sylvari:

You are asked to choose the time of day your sylvari awoke. This determines his/her temperament.

Cycle of Day sylvari are bold and direct
Cycle of Dusk sylvari are intelligent and insightful
Cycle of Night sylvari are unsociable and reticent

Watch the sylvari opening cinematic below:

The Asura

Don’t be deceived by the Lilliputian stature of the Asura. They may be diminutive, but they are titans of intellect. (And they’re not shy about it.)

The asura once lived underground, but were forced above ground by the Great Destroyer. Through knowledge of science they have dominated their corner of Tyria. Marvels of “mystic technology” of the asura are strewn across the landscape, the pinnacle of which is Rata Sum, their capital city. The three colleges of the asura are located in Rata Sum. College tuition, luckily, is not paid in GW2 gold.

The asura are brilliant and inquisitive, so much so that their basic societal unit, the krewe, is pretty much a research group that taps into the asura psyche, feeding their need for competition.

Playing an asura:

Decide which college you want to join:

The College of Statics – builders and architects
The College of Dynamics – makers of gadgets and thingamajigs
The College of Synergetics – theoreticians and philosophers

View the asura opening cinematic below:

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