The Secret World Updates: State of the Game, New Content

Two weeks and bales of TSW gold in, let’s take a look back to the beginning and a peek into the future of the smart new MMO, The Secret World.

TSW had a successful launch, was met with positive reviews from critics and gamers alike. Of course it had its share of bugs, most of which were quickly addressed in the lengthy Update Notes 1.0. (There’s still a problem with in-game chat, though Lead Programmer “Vinterstum” posted on the forums that they are currently working on it.)

Gamers have taken to TSW’s spooky atmosphere, inventive quests and re-imagined quest mechanics. Many also appreciate the non-linear leveling and skill-based progression.

To players unfamiliar with the game: in TSW, your choice of faction has no bearing on skills and weapons you choose to acquire. As long as you have enough points and cheap TSW gold to buy a skill, then you may do so. TSW gold is especially crucial in a game with no prescribed way of progression.

The freedom is exhilarating, although it can be a bit disorienting. The skill wheel looks intimidating, but luckily set character builds have been provided for those who aren’t too keen on finding the best build or just don’t feel up to mixing and matching skills just yet.

With hundreds of skills and weapons to choose from, I say just stock up on TSW gold and pick up whatever weapon catches your fancy. Want a samurai sword? Plunk down some cheap TSW gold and get it. Fancy a sledgehammer to go with that? Hey, there are no rules. Pony up your cheap TSW gold, get your sledgehammer and be on your merry way.

Another of the better-received features of TSW is the well-written, if profanity-laced, dialogue. It’s witty and smart and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. I won’t ruin it for you by repeating lines here, but do yourself a favor and keep subtitles on. Don’t skip dialogue; you’re in for a treat.

Another of the more ambitious features of TSW will be the monthly release of new game content. In his State of the Game missive on the official site, Senior Producer and Creative Director Ragnar Tornquist stated that —

“the first few packs will contain new investigations for every adventure zone in the game — but we also have more action and sabotage missions planned for the near future. These missions will feature fully voiced cut-scenes and new media pop-ups, and will match the quality of the missions currently in the game.”

Also promised were new weapons, raids, PvP dungeons, a dungeon finder tool, seasonal events (like Halloween, Winter solstice) and upgrades and updates for pets. Buy TSW gold now; I predict that cheap TSW gold will be needed to maximize your new game content experience.

The first content patch is scheduled for release on July 31st and will contain the following, according to the official site:


  • Carter Unleashed: An action mission set at the Innsmouth Academy on Solomon Island, where the player gets to know more about the exceptionally gifted student Carter. Exploring the hallway below the academy, Carter will need help controlling her powers — before they get completely out of hand.
  • Crime and Punishment: Bestselling horror author Sam Krieg came to Solomon Island to write his latest novel — but there’s more to it than that. Through this investigation, the player will dig into Krieg’s works and the mind of an obsessed fan to learn more about the dark and hidden history of Solomon Island.
  • Hell & Bach: Daredevil reporter Daniel Bach is working on the story of all stories, his shot at finally winning a Pulitzer. For years, he’s been chasing the ghost of Theodore Wicker, only to end up trapped at the Overlook Motel outside Kingsmouth Town. But Wicker’s story doesn’t end here — nor did it start here. Following the bread crumbs back in time, the player will investigate the mystery of Wicker, and learn more about what brought him to the gates of hell…and beyond.
  • Funeral Crasher: Eleanor Franklin only has her cats and her ghosts to keep her company at her mansion in Blue Mountain — and now the ghosts are getting restless. When the dead themselves are spooked, the living must pay heed.
  • The 3rd Age: There have been Ages before ours, and the evidence lies beneath. In Egypt, the sand is thin, and the remnants of past Ages are beginning to spread their influence across the world. The Seven Sentinels hold the key to an investigation that begins in the present, and delves deep into the distant past.
  • Red Handed: It wasn’t chance that brought Dr Varias to this distant part of the Carpathians at this particular point in time. Following in his father’s footsteps, Varias is attempting to unravel the mystery of the Red Hand. Why did they build a vast facility beneath this desolate region? What were they doing here? And how was Varias’ father involved? In this investigation, we answer some burning questions about this secret Soviet era genetic research project — and how it ties into the events of the present.

But that’s not all! Another mission awaits observant players on Solomon Island — one that explores a character that may be more than she pretends to be…


Two dungeons are receiving new Nightmare modes: The Ankh and Hell Fallen.

Increased challenges, increased rewards, and a chance to test new builds, new synergies and to put your team to the test against some of the toughest and fiercest challenges in The Secret World!

Who will be the first to conquer The Ankh and Hell Fallen in Nightmare mode? When ‘Unleashed’ is unleashed, we will find out!


Unleashed also contains the brand new, cross-dimensional Marketplace, allowing players to sell, trade and ship items to other players, no matter where they’re playing. The Marketplace will be an integral part of The Secret World’s growing economy, giving players more flexibility when it comes to how they equip their characters, and how they procure TSW gold, known as PAX.

The Secret World issue #1: ‘Unleashed’ goes live on July 31st, and is available for free to all players.

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