Gaming News: TSW Launch, WoW Sale and Summer Challenge

The Secret World Launch

The Secret World has launched! Get your TSW gold now and jump headlong into the rabbit hole that is The Secret World.

To the uninitiated, TSW is a modern MMO set in a gritty facsimile of our world, with modern accoutrements and all manner of mythical monsters and creatures come alive.

(Of course, it still follows conventional MMO methods of quests and in-game currency, called TSW gold.)

First impressions: There’s a creepy (in a good way) vibe that permeates the game. H.P. Lovecraft would be proud. Speaking of the great Howard Phillips, there are some very cool references to real world fiction, such as when a member of the Templars dissociates their Secret Society from Dan Brown’s Templars or when another NPC alludes to Neil Gaiman.

There are some nice touches and nods to current technology. Instead of running back to your quest-givers after quest completion, you contact them via smartphone.  If something is unknown, NPCs will tell you to search Google for answers. Oh, and gear consists of hoodies, suits, and things we refer to as “clothes”. It’s cool and oh-so modern! Who knew modernity in an MMO would feel so novel?

We’ve previously covered TSW’s Secret Societies here and chronicled the ins-and outs of game progression and uses for TSW gold here.

Check out the TSW launch day trailer below:

World of Warcraft Sale

In World of Warcraft news, there’s a major sale ongoing! For this week only, you can get World of Warcraft: BattleChest, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm for a paltry $10 each. Now you get get your non-WoW friends to join you on Azeroth. The whole caboodle originally costs $80, and you can now get it $30! Use your savings to get mother lodes of cheap WoW gold.

The sale ends July 9 11:59 p.m. PDT.

New WoW Challenge

In still more WoW news, this week’s Summer Challenge is Ulduar. Take on the 14 (!) raid bosses fortified with the best gear and lashings of cheap WoW gold.

Complete quests to earn desirable gear:

  • Tier 8 Raid Sets
  • Golemheart Longbow
  • Firesoul
  • Intensity
  • Magnetized Projectile Emitter
  • Sorthalis, Hammer of the Watchers
  • Fang of Oblivion and Starshard Edge
  • Dreambinder
  • Twisted Visage