SWTOR 1.3 Updates: Crew Skills and Items

Say what you will about buying adaptive gear with the best SWTOR credits, but in my book, any addition that gives players more options to trick out their toons is a welcome addition. Clothing is such a personal choice, and adaptive gear makes the game more real. (As real as a world where lightsaber-wielding Sith Lords with pocketsful of SWTOR credits exist, I mean.)

Start stockpiling SWTOR gold, because adaptive gear, plus major changes are coming to SWTOR in Game Update 1.3. (And yes, some of them can only be obtained with SWTOR gold.) In a post on the official site, David Hunt, Systems Designer for SWTOR, gave details and answered questions about crew skills and update.

Adaptive Gear Weight

According to David, adaptive gear is “a new kind of armor weight. When you equip adaptive armor, your character will use it to maximum effect, gaining the benefits of the highest armor weight you can equip.”

All classes may use social gear, and even companions are allowed to take advantage of the optimal armor weight they have. If you already have social gear, they’ll reflect adaptive weight once 1.3 rolls out. Buy SWTOR gold now to get these social gear sets that will have Adaptive weight come Update 1.3:

  • Balmorran Resistance
  • Civilian Pilot
  • CorSec Uniform
  • Death’s Claw Armor
  • Elegent Dress
  • Formal Suit
  • Hailstorm Brotherhood
  • Hutt Cartel
  • Imperial Containment Officer
  • Imperial Dancer
  • Imperial Pilot
  • Imperial Trooper
  • Karagga’s Unyielding Helm (single item)
  • Pilot’s Suit
  • Prisoner’s
  • Republic Containment Officer
  • Republic Dancer
  • Republic Officer
  • Republic Pilot
  • Sand People
  • Slave Girl
  • Ulgo Noble
  • Voss Mystic

Augment Tables

David says that although they’re called Augment Tables, they’re “just an update to all the Item Modification Stations you can already find spread throughout the world.” Here are his answers to some common questions about Augment Tables, including how to get an additional augment slot with SWTOR gold.

What’s the goal of the system?

The goal of the system is to reduce the disparity between gear, making modifiable gear throughout the game statistically viable while providing another means of stat customization and growth for endgame players.

What happens to my existing items?

If the augment slot is empty, it will get an Augment Slot MK-# based on the level of the item. This will be the same slot it will receive if you crit craft the item after 1.3.

If the augment slot is populated, it will get an Augment Slot MK-# based on the higher of either the level of the item or the level of the inserted augment.

What about my social gear?

Since Augment Slots can be added to all equipment slots and all gear at Premium quality or greater, this means social gear can be augmented.

What do I need to add an augment slot? How much does it cost?

SWTOR Credits: A flat credit cost to add or upgrade an augment. Credit costs are still being tuned, but it will be less than 50k SWTOR gold for the highest augment slot.

(“Credit costs are still being tuned” is code for “buy SWTOR gold now for your soon-to-be-needed augment slots!”)

Flashpoint Itemization

The distribution of loot in endgame Flashpoints will get a tweak in Update 1.3.  From the official site, here’s how loot drops now:

General Criteria

  • Bosses have at least one item for each equipment role.
  • Drops are restricted to the advanced classes present for the loot event.
  • Most bosses drop a variety of items instead of dropping a single item slot.

Story Mode Endgame Flashpoints

  • Mini Bosses
    • Random loot: Always drop at least a blue, with a chance for a purple
    • Drop Tionese Crystals and a Daily Commendation
  • Main Bosses & Final Bosses
    • Drop quality on main bosses has increased from Prototype (Blue) to Artifact (Purple).
    • Each flashpoint contains a mixture of level 50 and 51 items.
      • 50: Primarily the head/chest/feet/hands/legs. These pieces come from sets that were previously given out as waists and wrists on Heroic World Bosses. These do not have set bonuses.
      • 51: All Xenotech pieces, and Tionese pieces that are not part of the set bonus.

Hard Mode Endgame Flashpoints

  • Mini Bosses – same as story mode
  • Main Bosses
    • Drop 51 purple at the start of the flashpoint.
      • 51 purple drops are Tionese items, including ones with set bonuses.
    • Drop 56 purple at the end of the flashpoint
      • Includes a variety of Columi pieces that do not have the set bonuses.
  • Final Bosses
    • Largely unaffected. Still primarily drop Unassembled Columi gear.