Prepare to Join The Secret World

New MMO alert! The Secret World, by the makers of Anarchy Online and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, is set to be released on July 3rd. Described as “Lovecraftian”, the game is set in the modern world, but one wherein “every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend [is] true.” They had me at Lovecraftian.

To begin, players must choose among three factions located in three major international cities: the Templars in London, the Illuminati in New York and the Dragon in Seoul. There are no levels in The Secret World; progression is skill based.

So how will your character progress? According to Ragnar Tornquist, senior producer and creative director at Funcom, there needs to be “other progression mechanics, and in the Secret World there are plenty.” For starters, players earn points needed to purchase powers. More powers = more flexibility and versatility = ability to take on more game content. Everything your character does will earn XP: PvP, missions, crafting, lore, achievements.

Players can choose from over 500 totally unique powers, with even more to be added post-launch. According to Tornquist, “Players build decks consisting of seven active and seven passive powers, and the way these are combined and the interplay between both active and passive powers is key to the role-playing and combat mechanics of The Secret World.”

He also goes on to explain the importance of gear: “How you equip your character, and how you equip for a certain deck of powers is crucial in having the optimal character build for any given situation. The player character has a number of slots, including magical amulets and trinkets, as well as occult implants called “chakras” that affect the player’s stats, and a large portion of the character progression in the game comes from gear.”

I could go on about the game, or you could check out the trailer below:

If that’s not enough for you, here’s the alternate reality game Funcom created for The Secret World:

The third beta weekend for The Secret World, “Hell Raised” is scheduled for June 15-17.