SWTOR News: Weekend Pass, Winner of Darth Malgus Figure, How to Pronounce SWTOR

SWTOR Weekend Pass

Get your SWTOR gold ready, it’s time for another Weekend Pass Free Trial! If you’ve been intrigued by the SWTOR Legacy System, have been itching to see all the items and unlocks SWTOR gold can buy, and haven’t joined any of the previous trials, you are eligible to join this weekend’s free trial!

According to the official site:

  • No credit card is required to take part in the Weekend Free Pass Trial (you’d have to pony up to buy SWTOR gold, but it’s cheap and totally worth it!)
  • You can play for up to four days free
  • Characters you create during the trial will be saved to your account, allowing you to continue on your journeys once you’ve purchased the game and redeemed the Game Product Registration Code at the Code Redemption Center
  • You’ll be able to experience the first fifteen (15) levels of the game, allowing you to explore the Origin Worlds for each character class, as well as possibly seeing your faction’s Capital World
  • You will also be able to join other players take part in PvP Warzones or group with friends to take on one of the numerous Flashpoints in the game

This Weekend Pass Free Trial will begin on Thursday, May 17th at 12:01AM CDT / 5:01AM GMT, and end on Monday, May 21st at 2:00AM CDT / 7:00AM GMT.

Winner of SWTOR Darth Malgus Figure Selected

Last month, Bioware, LucasArts and Sideshow Collectibles announced a contest wherein a lucky SWTOR fan would receive a life-size figure of Darth Malgus worth $6,000. That lucky winner has now been chosen from the thousands of entrants, and will be contacted by phone regarding delivery deets. So unless you’re calling to inquire about how to buy SWTOR gold, please refrain from calling ‘cause I want the line free when the rep from Sideshow calls.

Quick Op-Ed: How to Pronounce SWTOR

Although initially I sided with the purists who insisted on calling SWTOR its full name or either “Star Wars” or “The Old Republic” and scoffed at the phonetically-challenged gamers who insisted on pronouncing SWTOR as “sweater” ( so “SWTOR Gold” is pronounced “sweater gold”? I don’t think so, kids!), five months into the game I find myself becoming more partial to the by-now common pronunciation of swo-tore or swuh-tore. (Sidenote: I’d have to check, but I’ll bet the best SWTOR credits that’s the longest sentence I’ve ever written on this blog.) Anyway, as I was saying, although I am now on the “best SWTOR credits” = “best swo-tore credits” bandwagon, the bottom line is, the game’s awesome no matter how you call it.